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"Feedback and Techniques" Cheat Sheet by

"­Fee­dback and Techni­que­s"

Definition of feedback
Feedback is the inform­ation from a teacher or another speaker, including another learner, gives to learners on how well they are doing, either to help the learner improve specific points, or to help plan their learning. It helps employees identify areas of improv­ement. It boost confidence in areas they have correct perfor­mance and behavior.
Positive and negative feedback:
Positive: Consist in short interj­ections of “good” “okay” and “all right” to commend a good job done. We need to be specific on: what is good, what is you like about it, the impact in has on outcomes, you and others. Example: “Good job on the report. It was well done”
Negative: Consist exclus­ively of the teacher repeating the student’s response with a rising inform­ation.
Recome­nda­tions: You need to make sure teacher need to make feedback all the time. Balanced and structured to specify the partic­ulars of the accomp­lis­hment. Be positive and honest, as a teachers we need to plan our feedback. Shows sponta­neity, variety and other sings of credib­ility, suggests clear attention to the student’s accomp­lis­hment. If a teacher give feedback provides inform­ation to students about their competence or the value their accomp­lis­hments. Remember to employ coaching to points out areas of perfor­mance or behavior needing improving or modifying and sugges­tions on how to improve. As well, we need to be unders­tanding and suppor­tive, constr­uctive and non-ju­dgm­ental.


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