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Earth Science (Coal) Cheat Sheet by

Coal is an organic sedimentary rock mined for burning as fuel.


burned as a fuel
main source of energy to run machines, which then used steam engines
a form of fossil fuel
a naturally occurring black or dark brown rock

Coal and Charcoal

coal dense and heavy
charcoal porous and light


formed when remains of plants are buried, compacted, and heated enough for the material to be "­coo­ked­"

Forms of Coal

Bituminous Coal
Anthracite Coal more mature, heavier, and of higher quality as an energy source


remains the largest source of electr­icity worldwide
the largest source of humanmade carbon dioxide

Countries that produce coal

China - world's top producer of coal
The United States, India, Australia - next top producers of coal
(ASEAN) Indonesia - biggest producer

Semirara Mining Corpor­ation

contri­butes more than 90% of the country's coal production

Uses of Coal

to generate electr­icity
to manufa­cture cement

High quality coal in the PH maybe found in

Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay Province
southern Cebu, Batan Island
General Nakar, Quezon Province


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