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Cisco to Junos Cheat Sheet by

Cisco to Junos commands

Basic CLI and Systems Management Commands

clock set
set date
request system reboot
request message
show clock
show system uptime
show enviroment
show chassis enviro­nment
show history
show cli history
show ip traffic
show system statistics
show logging
show log | show log file name
show processes
show system processes
show running config
show config­uration
show tech-s­upport
request support inform­ation
show users
show system users
show version
show version | show chassis hardware
terminal length
set cli screen­-length
terminal width
set cli screen­-width
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Switching Commands

show ethern­et-­swi­tching interfaces
show spanni­ng-tree
show spanni­ng-tree bridge
show mac addres­s-table
show ethern­et-­swi­tching table

OSPF Commands

show ip ospf database
show ospf database
show ip ospf interface
show ospf interface
show ip ospf neighbor
show ospf neighbor

Routing Protoc­ol-­Ind­epe­ndent Commands

clear arp-cache
clear arp
show arp
show arp
show ip route
show route
show ip route summary
show route summary
show route-map
show policy | policy­-name
show tcp
show system connec­tions

Interface Commands

clear counters
clear interface statistics
show interfaces
show interfaces
show interfaces detail
show interfaces extensive
show ip interface brief
show interfaces terse

BGP Commands

BGP Commands
clear bgp neighbor
clear ip bgp dampening
clear bgp damping
show ip bgp
show route protocol bgp
show ip bgp community
show route community
show ip bgp dampened paths
show route damping decayed
show ip bgp neighbors
show bgp neighbor
show ip bgp neighbors address advert­ise­d-r­outes
show route advert­isi­ng-­pro­tocol bgp address
show ip bgp neighbors address receiv­ed-­routes
show route receiv­e-p­rotocol bgp address
show ip bgp peer-group
show bgp group
show ip bgp regexp
show route aspath­-regex
show ip bgp summary
show bgp summary


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