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Cisco Switch Configuration Cheat Sheet by

NET-126 Configuration commands for Cisco switches


switchport mode access
port must be in access mode before port-s­ecurity can be configured
switchport port-security
enables port security on that interface
switchport port-s­ecurity maximum 2
sets maximum MAC addresses to 2
switchport port-s­ecurity violation shutdown
sets violation mode to shutdown
(shutdown is default)
switchport port-security mac-address
specified MAC is made sticky
switchport port-s­ecurity mac-ad­dress sticky
converts all dynami­cal­ly-­learned MACs to sticky

VLAN Config­uration

Short Command
Full Command
sw m t
switchport mode trunking
sw t n v 99
switchport trunking native
vlan 99
sw t a v 2,10,99
switchport trunking access
vlan 2,10,99
sw non
switchport nonego­tiate
sw a v 10
switchport access vlan 10

Spanning Tree Config­uration


Show Commands

Short Command
Full Command
What It Displays
sh port [int f0/5]
show port-security
[interface f0/5]
secure MACs configured on all (or specified) interface/s
sh int f0/6 sw
show int f0/6
port configuration (mode, trunking, VLANs, etc)
sh vl br
show vlan brief
VLAN numbers, names, status, & ports
sh vl na name
show vlan name name
VLAN number, status, & ports
sh vl sum
show vlan summary
number of existing VLANs
(Doesn't work on PT)
sh int tru
show int trunk
trunk ports, native­/mgmt VLANs, & allowed VLANs
show sdm pre
sh sdm prefer
max # of secure MACs that can be configured


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