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Arrhytmia Cheat Sheet by

high yield about arrhythmia

Types of arrhythmia


Types and their feature

Sinus node Dysfun­ction
AV block
Sinus bradyc­ardia: Normal
1st degree: PR interval prolong, no need treat, Rheumatic fever
Sinus arrest: No atrial deP and ventri­cular asystole
2nd degree (Mobitz 1): prolong PR until no QRS (no ventri­culatr beat), dissappear with exercise and atropine, normal
Brady-­tachy syndrome: Slow, fast rates
2nd degree (Mobitz 2): regularly no QRS, pathol­ogical
Chrono­tropic incomp­etence: HR drop quick after activity**
3rd degree: complete AV dissoa­cia­tion, A and V contrx ont their own, haemod­yna­mically unstable


Narrow­-co­mplex tachyc­ardia
Broad-­complex tachyc­ardia
QRS <100ms
SUprav­ent­ricular origin
ventri­cular origin or dt aberrnt conduction of suprav­ent­ricular

Narrow complex tachyc­ardia


Atrial fibril­lation
Disorg­anized atrium contra­ction
ECG chaotic
P wave almost absent
Atrial flutter
ECG sawtooth (2p, QRS, 3p, QRS)
P wave more than 1
Multifocal atrial tachyc­ardia
P wave all over the place
AV Node re entry tachyc­ardia
Common, female, any age
Short RP interval or invisible P wave
Atriov­ent­ricular re-entry tachyc­ardia
Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome
Accessory pathway causing pre-ex­cit­ation (Delta wave - before QRS)
Atrial tachyc­ardia
P wave ectopic origin
abnormal P wave axis
SInus tachyc­ardia
Normal P wave:
(-) AVR
(+) V2,3,AVF
PR interval in P wave before QRS

DDx RP interval

Approach to NCT ECG


Broad complex tachyc­ardia

Left bundle branch block

Right bundle branch block

Ventri­cular tachyc­ardia (VT)

More likely VT
Horizontal entry to ER
Old person
Chest pain & unconcious
Key features ECG
Capture beat
Fusion beat
P waves in AV dissoc­iation


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