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Graphcool Filters Cheat Sheet by

String filters

field_not: String
field_in: [String!]
field_not_in: [String!]
field_lt: String
field_lte: String
field_gt: String
field_gte: String
field_contains: String
field_not_contains: String
field_starts_with: String
field_not_starts_with: String
field_ends_with: String
field_not_ends_with: String

Int filters

field_not: Int
field_in: [Int!]
field_not_in: [Int!]
field_lt: Int
field_lte: Int
field_gt: Int
field_gte: Int

DateTime filters

field_not: DateTime
field_in: [DateTime!]
field_not_in: [DateTime!]
field_lt: DateTime
field_lte: DateTime
field_gt: DateTime
field_gte: DateTime

ID filters

field_not: ID
field_in: [ID!]
field_not_in: [ID!]
field_lt: ID
field_lte: ID
field_gt: ID
field_gte: ID
field_contains: ID
field_not_contains: ID
field_starts_with: ID
field_not_starts_with: ID
field_ends_with: ID
field_not_ends_with: ID

Collection filters

children_every: ChildFilter
children_some: ChildFilter
children_none: ChildFilter

parent: ParentFilter

Float filters

field_not: Float
field_in: [Float!]
field_not_in: [Float!]
field_lt: Float
field_lte: Float
field_gt: Float
field_gte: Float

Boolean filters

field_not: Boolean

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