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Staffing Recommendations for a Modern Functional Medicine Office

Leveraging Technology

Admini­str­ative tasks can be handled virtually via phone or online private branch exchange (PBX) system


Office Space
A virtually distri­buted staff means saving on the cost of having more office space
Billing & Admini­str­ation
Handled offsite, removing the need for a front desk
Virtual scheduling saves time for both your staff and patients
Calls and emails are set up to be made and returned at specific times of the day instead of having to be preformed manually by staff
Cuts back on paper and the need for a filing system
Kits can be drop-s­hipped from the lab directly or you can send patients to LabCorp or Quest blood draw stations
Drop-ship directly from vendors instead of stocking in office

Essential Staff

These three roles are the key to keeping your practice operating smoothly and effici­ently while allowing you to focus on your patients


Keeps finances in order. Requires someone who is reliable, trustw­orthy, and familiar with newer online tools

Practice Manager

Handles all back-end admini­str­ative functions (creating systems, ordering labs and supple­ments, setting up accounts with vendors, and managing the electronic health record and billing respon­sib­ili­ties) in addition to making strategic decisions about the practice. Must be extremely detail oriented and organized

Patient Navigator

Handles patient onboar­ding, ordering supple­ments and labs, processing charts, and commun­ica­tion. Fields and screens patient questions, mediates disputes, and provides moral support. Requires someone that is empath­etic, compas­sio­nate, and emotio­nally mature with excellent written and verbal commun­ication skills

Optional Staff

In addition to essential staff, there is a range of part-time indepe­ndent contra­ctors that you might want to consider


Graphic Designer
Designs brand identity (business cards, website, etc.)
Develo­per/IT Support
Back-end website develo­pment, sets up staff email addresses, software support, hardware set-up
Tax Prep & CPA
Prepares taxes and consults on bigger strategic questions as the practice grows
Human Resources
Manages HR-related issues in the practice
Business Attorney*
Helps with incorp­ora­tion, draws up contracts for indepe­ndent contra­ctors and employees, and answers any questions related to business issues
Healthcare Attorney*
Helps with docume­ntation (informed consent, arbitr­ation agreem­ents, docume­ntation related to insurance billing, etc.)
*Services such as Rocket Lawyer offer a subscr­iption for access to attorneys at a cheaper rate than hiring hourly

Allied Health Profes­sionals

Utilizing allied health profes­sionals gives patients a full-care experience while cutting down on practice cost. These allied providers play a role in four key areas

Coaching Sessions Between Appoin­tments

Health coaches specialize in keeping patients on track, and provide empathy and support. These check-ins can signif­icantly improve compli­ance, and higher patient and clinician satisf­action. You don’t necess­arily need a licensed provider to do these appoin­tments

Follow-up Visits

These visits can be done by an NP, PA, health coach, or nutrit­ionist. If you are discussing lab results, making diagnoses, and prescr­ibing treatment, this requires a PA or NP; if you are simply covering diet, lifestyle, and behavioral modifi­cat­ions, this could easily be a health coach or a nutrit­ionist

Group Visits

Group visits leverage the provider’s time to serve more people and also offer much needed community and connection for patients suffering from chronic illness

Patient Portal

An NP or PA would be needed to handle prescr­iption refills and other tasks requiring a license, but nutrition, lifestyle, and basic protocol questions can be handled by health coaches or nutrit­ionists


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