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Man in the Mirror - Accountability Questions Cheat Sheet by

A cheatsheet of accountability questions from Patrick Morley's book Man in the Mirror

Opening questions

How has God blessed you this week? (What went right?)
What problem has consumed your thoughts this week? (What went wrong?)

Spiritual Questions

Have you read God’s Word daily? (How long? Why not? Will you next week?)
Describe your prayers? (for yourself, others, praise confes­sion, gratitude)
How is your relati­onship with Christ changing?
How have you been tempted this week? How did you respond?
Do you have any unconf­essed sin in your life?
Are you walking by the Holy Spirit?
Did you worship in church this week? (Was your faith in Christ streng­thened? Was God glorified and honored?)
Have you shared your faith? In what ways? How can you improve?

Home Life

How is it going with your wife? (attit­udes, time, irrita­tions, disapp­oin­tments, progress, her relati­onship with Christ)
How is it going with the children? (quantity and quality time, values and beliefs, education, spiritual welfare)
How are your finances doing? (debt, sharing, saving, stewar­dship)
How have you invested your time around the house?

Work Life

How are things going on the job? (career progress, relati­ons­hips, tempta­tions, work load, stress, problems, working too much)

Critical concerns

Do you feel in the center of God’s will? Do you sense His peace?
What are you wrestling with in your thought life?
What have you done for someone else this week? (encou­rag­ement, service, etc.)
Are your priorities in the right order?
Is your moral and ethical behavior what it should be?
How are you doing in your personal high-risk area?
Is the “visible” you and the “real” you consis­tent?


Close the one-hour accoun­tab­ility time with ten to fifteen minutes of prayer. Focus on concerns of the week.




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