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Emacs Markdown-mode Cheat Sheet by

Key bindings of emacs markdown mode

Styles C-c C-s

C-c C-s e
Make word or region italic (emphasis)
C-c C-s s
Make word or region bold (strong)
C-c C-s p
Make word or region preformed (code block)
C-c C-s C-p
Make region preformed
C-c C-s c
Make word or region inline code
C-c C-s b
Make active region a blockquote
C-c C-s C-b
Make region a blockquote

Headers C-c C-t

C-c C-t h
Insert header, type and level depend on context
C-c C-t H
Insert header but uses unlining when possible
C-c C-t 1-6
Insert specific header level from H1 to H6
C-c C-t !
Insert setext level 1 heading ====
C-c C-t @
Insert setext level 2 heading ——
C-c C-k
Kill the heading
Yank the heading text back into buffer

Hyperlinks C-c C-a

C-c C-a l
Insert an inline link of the form text.
C-c C-a L
C-c C-a L Insert a reference link of the form [text]­[label]
C-c C-a u
Insert bare URL of the form <UR­L>
C-c C-a f
Insert footnote marker and definition below
C-c C-a w
Insert a wiki link of the form [[Wiki­Link]]

Images C-c C-i

C-c C-i i
Insert markup for inline image
C-c C-i I
Insert refere­nce­-style markup for inline image

Editing Lists

New list item is inserted
Move list item up
Move list item down
Exdent list item
Indent list item

Horizontal Rules C-c -

C-c -
Insert horizontal rule as defined by markdo­wn-­hr-­strings
C-u C-c -
Insert last string in markdo­wn-­hr-­strings
M-n C-c -
Insert string in position n (start at 1)

Movement by Paragraph or Block

Move to previous Paragraph
Move to next Paragraph

Movement by Section

Move to beginning of current section
Move to end of current section
Mark a region around current section

Utility Commands C-c C-c

C-c C-c c
Check for undefined references
C-c C-c n
Renumbers any ordered lists in buffer
C-c C-c ]
Completes all headings and normalizes horizontal rules

Outline Navigation

C-c C-n
Move to next visible heading
C-c C-p
Move to previous visible heading
C-c C-f
Move to next visible heading at same level
C-c C-b
Move to previous visible heading at same level
C-c C-u
Move up to a lower-­level heading


C-c C-j
Jump from one object to its counter part

Following Links C-c C-o

C-c C-o
Open reference link at point in browser


C-c C-]
Complete markup to normalized form

Shifting the Region

C-c <
Exdent text in region
C-c >
Indent text in region

Markdown Commands C-c C-c

C-c C-c m
Run Markdown (using markdo­wn-­com­mand) on current buffer and output to another
C-c C-c p
Run Markdown on current buffer and previews in browser
C-c C-c e
Run Markdown on current buffer and save output in base name.html
C-c C-c v
Run Markdown on current buffer, save output and preview in browser
C-c C-c w
Run Markdown on current buffer and send output to kill ring
C-c C-c o
Open Markdown source using markdo­wn-­ope­n-c­ommand

Killing Elements

C-c C-k
Kill thing at point to Kill Ring w/o markup

Promotion and Demotion

C-c C--
Demote object, like h2 to h1
C-c C-=
Promote object, like h1 to h2


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