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Stepping Stones to Discovering God's Will Cheat Sheet by

Cheat sheet for the book "Stepping Stones to Discovering God's Will"

1. Check Your Beliefs

God is love
God knows you
God can be trusted
God wants you to know His will
God is not a coke machine

2. Check the Book

Pair up
Pray over what you read

3. Check in with God

To engage you must disengage
Submit your requests
Exalt His will over your will
Pray expect­antly

4. Use your head

Invest­igate the facts
Open your mind to the possib­ilities
Clarify your motives
Correctly estimate the size of your brain
Adjust your viewpoint

5. Use your heart

Examine your feelings
Express your love to God
Extend your love to others
Exchange happness for joy

6. Use your mouth

Engage in community
Examine your motivation
Expect­ations of Godly Advice
      Address an area of denial
      Determine motives
      Verify resolve
      Introduce new angles
      Consult Scripture
      Envision the future
Beware of exit wounds

7. Use your eyes and ears

Look and listen with antici­pation
Look back
Look and listen for coinci­dences

8. Use your seat before your hands and feet

Abstain from activity until you know
Act on what you know
Attack fear
Avoid the miscon­ception that you can handle everything on your own

9. Use your will to persevere when

Pain is involved
Life is hard
Purpose is unknown
God is silent
Reward is delayed

Link to the book



Link to the book

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