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Personal Finance Notes 8th Canadian Edition Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Personal Finances, McGraw's 8th edition Notes BUS 321

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Money management strategy

Personal Financial Planning - An intro
- Process of mainta­ining and achieving satisf­action
6 Step planning - Factors of financial goals - guidelines of the goals
Six - Step
1. Develop financial goals - what values­/be­lie­fs/­att­itude towards earnin­g/s­pen­din­g/s­aving
2. current financial situation - current assets+ debt balances + amounts spent for items
3. Identify courses of action - continue, expand, change, new
4. Evaluate
5 Create and implement
6 Re-eva­luate and revise

Types of Risk
Economic | Personal
Interest | Death
Inflation | Income loss
Liquidity | Health
Product | Asset + Liability

Goal Guidelines
1. Realistic
2. Specific + Measurable
3. Time frame
4. Indicate action

Market Forces
Financial Instit­utions
Global Influences
Economic Conditions
Personal Opport­unity Costs
Interest Calcul­ations
Future Value of a Single Amount/ Series of Deposits
Present Value of a Single Amount­/Series of Deposits

Financial Statements and Budgeting


Planning your Tax Strategy


The banking services of financial instit­utions


Personal Finacial Planning Introd­uction


Life, health, and disability insurance


Investing your financial resources


Home and automobile insurance


The finances of housing, Insuring your assets


Choosing a source of credit


Introd­uction to consumer credit


Fundam­entals of investing


Investing in stocks


Investing in bonds


Investing in mutual funds


Contro­lling your financial future


Retirement planning


Estate planning