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Celestial Groups

solar system
star system
cluster (or group) of galaxies
observable universe


Sun and everything that orbits it (planets, dwarf planets, sssbs, etc.). Refers to our own star system and others
Star(s) and any planets and other materials that orbit it
Great gathering of stars all held together by gravity and orbiting a common center (contains from a few hundred million to a trillion)
Collection of galaxies bound together by gravity. Small ones (few dozen) are groups, while larger ones are clusters
Gigantic region of space packed closely together with galaxies, galaxy groups, and galaxy clusters
Sum total of all matter and energy (all galaxi­es+­eve­rything between them)
Portion of entire universe that can be seen from Earth (at least in principle)


Our Solar System ("So­l")
Our Solar System ("So­l")
Milky Way
Local Group
Local Superc­luster


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