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Origins of Evil - GCSE RS Cheat Sheet by

WJEC GCSE Religious Studies - Origins of Evil Cheatsheet

St Iranaeus' Theory - Soul-m­aking

St Iranaeus argued that suffering was the process to becoming more Christ­-like. The Fall (Genesis) was the origin of evil but evil was used to transform us and create morals

Islam - Test of Suffering

Many Muslims believe that suffering is a test from Allah to ensure our dedica­tion. By enduring suffering, we earn rewards in paradise. - "Be sure we shall test you [...] but give glad tidings to those who patiently persev­ere­" - Qur'an Surah 155

Incons­istent Triad Diagram


St August­ine's Theory - Original Sin

St Augustine theorized that God made a perfect world but gave humans free will. When humans sinned, original sin entered the world and that was passed down to us. Genesis 3 - The Fall

Humanist Views

Humanists believe humans have a degree of control over our lives and that suffering is mostly caused by humans. They believe that natural evil is just the way the world is.

The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is considered an incons­istent triad many scholars have suggested that if God is all loving and all powerful then he should have removed sin. Therefore, God is either not omnibe­nev­olent or not omnipo­tent, as evil still exists.

Key terms

Natural Evil
Natural features of the world which cause suffering, and which have nothing to do with human beings
Moral Evil
Actions done by humans which cause suffering
When people have to face and live with unpleasant events or condit­ions.

Potential Exam Questions

"­Suf­fering proves there is no God" Discuss this statement
"God is the cause of evil" Discuss this statement
"­Suf­fering has no purpos­e" Discuss this statement
"­Suf­fering is a necessary part of life" Discuss this statement
"­Mankind is the cause of all suffer­ing­" Discuss this statement


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