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Spiceworks Tickets Anywhere Cheat Sheet by

List of useful commands when using the Spiceworks 'Tickets Anywhere' feature

Priority of a ticket:

#priority high
#priority low

Accept a ticket

#assign to me

Assign the ticket

#assign to Bob
#assign Bob Saget
Note: With this command, you can enter the email address of the assignee (you don't have to enter the entire email address, just enough to distin­guish what admin the ticket is getting assigned to). You can also enter the first name of the assignee if it is defined in the User Accounts Table. Optionally use the first and last name to distin­guish duplicate first names, e.g. Bob Smith and Bob Saget.

Time worked on a ticket

#worked 10m
#worked 15m Ford
#add 1h me

Put a ticket in "­Waiting on user" status


Close a ticket


CC a user

Note: this command ONLY works with email addresses that have previously submitted tickets or are registered in Spicew­orks. To add a completely new address, it will need to be added to the cc field of the ticket's email.

Make a comment private

Note: this applies to the whole email; you can't make a specific comment within your email private.

Set due dates

#due 3 weeks from today
#due tomorrow @5pm
#due July 15, 2013 at noon
#due 3 busine­ssdays from today @ noon
#due in 4 hours
NOTE: You can also include terms like "­wee­kda­ys", "­bus­ine­ssd­ays­", "­for­tni­ght­s", "­first day of summer­", etc.

Create a ticket for someone else

#created by user_email

Set your custom attributes

#set attribute name=a­ttr­ibute value (ex: #set Floor Number=14)

Categorize the ticket

#category mainte­nance

Reopen a closed ticket


Unassign a ticket


Relate the ticket to a machine

The #relate command works as follows:

- If the input looks like an IP address, lookup device by IP.
- Otherwise, try to find the device by serial number or asset tag.
- If nothing matched, try to find the device by its server / host name.
- If still nothing matched, it tries each of these in order until something matches:
- Device name
- Software name
- Service name
- Hotfix name
- Agreement name

Add a purchase

#purchase [count] purcha­sed­-item [price] (ex: #purchase 13 4gb USB Thumb Drive $12.72)
Note: [count] and [price] are optional and can be edited later from your Spiceworks desktop if needed.


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