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A sheet of useful shortcuts.

Windows Shortcuts

Windows + E
Opens a File Explorer window.
Windows + D
Shows the desktop and minimises all windows. Press again to show windows.
Windows + Tab
Opens Task View to view and switch windows.
Windows + I
Opens Windows Settings.
Windows + L
Locks your computer.
Windows + Left/R­igh­t/U­p/Down
Minimises and maximises the focused window, or snaps it to the left or right.
Windows + Shift + Left/Right
Moves the focused window between screens.
Windows + 0-9
Starts the program pinned to the Taskbar in the position indicated by the number. Switches to the program if it is already open.
Windows + P
Opens the Project menu on the right side of the screen. Use this to select a display mode.
Windows + A
Opens the Action Center. Use this to view your notifi­cations and to change your device's quick settings e.g. bright­ness.
Windows + Pause
View your computer's About page to find your computer's name and its specs.
Windows + .
Opens the Emoji window.
Windows + R
Opens Windows Run.
Windows + V
View and paste from the clipbo­ard's history. Clipboard History must be enabled first.

Text Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + Left/Right
Moves the cursor to the start or end of the current or next word.
Ctrl + Up/Down
Moves the cursor to the start or end of the paragraph.
Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right
Selects text from the cursor's current position to the start or end of the current word, previous word, or next word.
Ctrl + Backspace
Deletes the word or text to the left of your cursor.
Double click a word
Selects the clicked word.
Triple click a word
Selects the entire paragraph.

Browser Shortcuts

Alt + D
Moves the cursor to the addres­s/s­earch bar.
Ctrl + E
Moves the cursor to the addres­s/s­earch bar to search with the default search engine.
Ctrl + F
Opens Find to search for text in the current tab.
Ctrl + T
Opens a new blank tab.
Ctrl + W
Closes the current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopens the most recent­ly-­closed tab.
Ctrl + Shift + K
Duplicates the current tab.
Ctrl + R or F5
Refreshes the current tab.
Ctrl + D
Bookmarks the current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + B
Shows/­hides the Bookmarks Bar.
Ctrl + J
Opens the Downloads window.


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