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NCERT 9th Hindi Raidas ke Pad Cheat Sheet by

Chapter Summary of Raidas ke Pad (Sparsh) English

1st Paragraph

1st Line
The poet says he can't stop himself from praising and talking about his god, Ram.
2st Line
The poet says that god is sandalwood and that he (devotee) is water, when sandalwood falls in water, the fragrance spreads everywhere just like how god's name fulfills him.
3st Line
That poet says that god is a cloud which is about to rain and that he (devotee) is a peacock, when a peacock sees dark clouds, it can't control itself and will start dancing, just like how a chakora always stares at the moon and longs for it.
4st Line
The poet says that god is a lamp and he (devotee) is a wick, through which it illumi­nates the dark like day.
5st Line
That poet says that god is pearl necklace and he (devotee) is the thread, like polish on gold which will increase its shine.
6st Line
The poet says that god is a master and he (devotee) is a servant and he is willing to serve god forever. This is the devotion of Raidasa
Chakora is a mythical bird in Hinduism that feeds on sunlight.

2nd Paragraph

The second paragraph describes the Lord's immense genero­sity, mercy, and equanimous nature. He put an umbrella over the poet like a king and the poet feels immense happiness from it. Raidas says that the Lord has readily adopted the devotees of lower castes like Namdev, Kabir, Trilochan, Sadhna, and Sainu and given them a respec­table place in the world. God has never discri­minated against anyone. In the second verse, the poet has called God merciful to the poor and downtr­odden. Raidas has called his master as Gusaiya (Boss, God) and Garib Nivaju (savior of the poor). He asks the saints to listen, telling them that nothing is unusual for God.
This is a very short summary that doesn't cover all of it.

Some refere­nces.

You can find some much more in-depth explan­ations on the internet. This is one that is line-b­y-line.



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