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A cheat sheet for digimon digital adventures

DDA Combat Cheatsheet

Anything listed as a bullet point is an option, not a separate action unless specified. Tamers With Digimon have 4 Actions Between Them
* Two Simple Actions or One Complex Action
* Free Actions Can Be Used Whenever

Standard Actions

Simple Actions
* Attack (Hold Back)
Stance Change
* Default is Neutral
* Offensive
* Defensive
* Other Stances
>Data Specia­liz­ation: Sniper > Sniper Stance
>Qu­ality: Braveheart > Brave Stance
Use A Skill
* Homebrew, the GM determines if your skill check is Simple or Complex
* Move Through Difficult Terrain is a Simple Action
>Ho­mebrew, moving through difficult terrain with RAW is a complex action
* Roll Body (3d6+B­ody), TN is opponent’s Agility Score
* Larger Size Tag Gets Bonus
* Beat the TN is Equal or Higher; One succeeds IF Both succeed, Bigger Number Controls (TN or Body)
* Not Immobi­lized
Complex Actions
Use A Skill
* Homebrew, the GM determines if your Skill Check is Simple or Complex
Use An Item

Clash Actions

Only the one who controls can make Clash Actions
Reposi­tioning is a normal move, they cannot move from eachother
No Dodge roll allowed from outside opponents
CPU Combined Values = Damage Reduction
Reach Quality Clash, penalty based on meters away; ½ damage from the opposition who doesn’t have Reach
Breaking Up the Clash
Outsiders to the clash:
Complex Action
Contested Roll:
Outsider 3d6+Body Vs. Controller 3d6+Ag­ility
Complex Actions
* Target rolls half Dodge Pool
* Target cannot roll to control the Clash
* CPU vs CPU, if your CPU is less than the target it’s one turn
* Range is equal to Body stat
Free Actions
End the Clash

Special Actions

Simple Actions
* Tamer Specific Action
Special Order (Simple)
* Check your sheet
* Next Round, Lose your next Simple Action per use of Intercede
Called Shot
* Tamer makes a Simple Action then Digimon makes a Complex Action
*Sharp­sho­oting and Focusing
Divine Protection
* Tamer gives up simple action to negate damage
* Can be called upon AFTER failing a Dodge Roll
* Penalty: Lose a Simple Action Next Round
* Penalty: Costs 2 Inspir­ation for Consec­utive Use
* Declared by the tamer
Complex Actions
Special Order (Complex)
* Check your Sheet
Other Actions
This is a Free Action Turns a Simple Action into a Complex Action
*Cannot Bolster Signature Moves, Sneak Attack, or Clashes
Inspir­ation Actions
* Act of Inspir­ation
* Divine Protection
* Fateful Interv­ention
Evolution Simplified
Simple Action, Tamers Declare Evolution, Roll a Willpower Check
If the Digimon has enough DP, they may freely change
Failure: Tamer may attempt the evolution check on the same round
Slide Evolution
If it’s the same Stage (Adult to Adult)
* Same WB (Wound Boxes)
* Simple Action
If Higher Stage
* Tamer Rolls Evolution Check
* If no Tamer, this is a Complex Action
* On FIRST evolution, Digimon heals the difference between wound boxes
If Lower Stage
* This is a Simple Action
* Same WB Count

Post Combat

Recovery Check
Only when the GM calls for it in dire situations
Humans Roll Body + Endurance, every 5 ot 6 they gain a Wound Box
Digimon Roll Their Health Stat
Example if the stat is 2, roll a 2d6


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