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Pop!_Shell 2022 Keyboard Shortcuts by

Pop!_OS Keyboard Shortcuts Updated 2022

Super Key

is the "­­Su­p­e­r" key, which can be repres­ented by the icon, or the command key on your keyboard
In Pop!_OS, the Super key handles the majority of OS and window actions.

Direction Keys

, , ,
Direction keys (arrow keys)
H, J, K, L
Direction keys (Vim shortcuts)

Adjustment Mode

+ Enter
Enter adjustment mode
, , ,
Move window
Shift + ,
Increase window size
Shift + ,
Decrease window size
Ctrl + , , ,
Swap windows
Apply changes

Window Shortcuts

+ O
Change window orient­ation
+ G
Toggle floating mode
+ Y
Toggle auto-t­iling
+ S
Toggle stacking mode
+ Q
Close window
+ M
Toggle maximize

Navigate Apps and Windows

+ /
Launch and switch Applic­ations
+ , , ,
Switch Focus Between Windows

Displays & Workspaces

+ Shift +
Move window up one workspace
+ Shift +
Move window down one workspace
+ Ctrl +
Switch focus to the workspace above
+ Ctrl +
Switch focus to the workspace below
+ Shift +
Move window to leftward monitor
+ Shift +
Move window to rightward monitor
+ Shift + Ctrl +
Move window to upper monitor
+ Shift + Ctrl +
Move window to lower monitor

Launcher Shortcuts

+ /
Activate launcher
Ctrl + J + K
Scroll through launcher list
Scroll through launcher list
Execute a command in a terminal
Execute a command in sh
Calculate an equation


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