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Pop!_OS Tiling Keyboard Shortcuts by

An overview of the tiling shortcuts supported by Pop!_OS by System76, adapted from

Super Key

is the "­Sup­er" key, which will likely feature a icon on your device
Most shortcuts in Pop!_OS require the use of the Super key.

Direction Keys

| | |
Direction Keys (arrow keys)
H | J | K | L
Direction Keys (Vi Shortcuts)

Navigate applic­ations and windows

+ /
App launcher
+ Direction keys
Switch focus


+ Shift +
Move window up one workspace
+ Shift +
Move window down one workspace
+ Ctrl +
Switch focus to the workspace above
+ Ctrl +
Switch focus to the workspace below

Tiling & Adjustment Mode

Enter Adjustment Mode
Direction keys
Move (swap) window
Shift + Direction keys
Resize selected window
Ctrl + Direction keys
Move focus (select another window)
Apply changes to layout
Cancel adjustment


+ O
Change window orientation
+ G
Toggle floating mode
+ Y
Toggle auto-t­iling
+ Q
Close window (Quit)
+ M

App Launcher

+ /
Activate launcher
Scroll through list
Ctrl + ( J | K)
Scroll through list (Vi style)
t: command
Run command in a terminal
= equation
Calculate the result of equation
: command
Run a command (without a launcher), e.g. : /opt/p­rogram

Other shortcuts

Show Activities overview
+ A
Show applic­ations in Activities overview
+ Esc
Lock screen
Ctrl + Alt + Del
Log out (with confir­mation)
+ O
Lock screen orient­ation (if device has an accele­rom­eter)
+ P
Cycle display modes (if multiple monitors attached)
+ T
Start a Terminal
+ F
Start file explorer


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