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Sitecore CLI cheatsheet Cheat Sheet by

Sitecore CLI commands for developers daily use.

Sitecore CLI Instal­lation commands

Go to Project to install Sitecore CLI
cd <pr­oject folder>
To add dotnet tool-m­anifest
dotnet new tool-m­anifest
To Install Sitecore CLI
Execute above commands sequen­tially.

Sitecore CLI install plugins & help commands

To install publishing plugin
dotnet sitecore plugin add -n Siteco­­re.D­­ev­­Ex.E­­x­t­e­ns­­ibi­­li­t­y.P­­ubl­­ishing
To install Serial­­iz­ation plugin
dotnet sitecore plugin add -n Siteco­­re.D­­ev­­Ex.E­­x­t­e­ns­­ibi­­li­t­y.S­­eri­­al­i­z­ation
Sitecore package help commands
dotnet sitecore ser pkg install --help
Sitecore login help commands
dotnet sitecore login --help
Sitecore Instance Login using CLI
dotnet sitecore login --cm https:­­//­y­o­ur­­sit­­ec­o­r­ei­­nst­­an­c­e.l­­ocalurl --auth https:­­//­y­o­ur­­sci­­de­n­t­it­­yse­­rv­e­r.l­­ocalurl --allo­­w-­write true

Sitecore CLI commands

Sitecore help commands
dotnet sitecore -h
To initialize new project
dotnet sitecore init
Sitecore to Repository serialize commands
dotnet sitecore ser pull
Repository to Sitecore serialize commands
dotnet sitecore ser push
To compares the content items of two Sitecore instances
dotnet sitecore ser diff
To explains whether a content item path is included and why
dotnet sitecore ser explain
To display serial­ization config­uration inform­ation
dotnet sitecore ser info
To lists serial­ization package commands
dotnet sitecore ser package
To checks serialized content items for validity
dotnet sitecore ser validate
Auto serialize Sitecore item command
dotnet sitecore ser watch
To create Sitecore package
dotnet sitecore ser pkg create -o <name of packag­e>
To install Sitecore package
dotnet sitecore ser pkg install -f <name of packag­e>.i­te­mpa­cka­ge ­--c­lie­nt-id <your client id>­ --­cli­ent­-se­cre­t <your client secret­> -­-cm­ <your content management host> ­--a­uth­ <your identity host>
Sitecore publishing help command
dotnet sitecore publish --help
Publishes Sitecore items
dotnet sitecore publish -c Prototype/
Publishes Sitecore items to the enviro­nment
dotnet sitecore publish -n devEnv
Publishes Sitecore items for en-US language
dotnet sitecore publish -l en-US
Publishes item with given path
dotnet sitecore publish -p '/site­cor­e/c­ont­ent­/Ho­me/­Item1'


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