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Sherlock (Python) Cheat Sheet by

Brief summary of Sherlock (Python)--a utility to locate instances of usernames found on various websites.

Positional Arguments

One or more usernames to check with social networks.

Scan Arguments

Display debugging inform­ation and metrics.
Make requests over TOR. Increases runtime.
Make requests over TOR with new TOR circuit after each request. Substa­ntially increases runtime.
--site [SITE_­NAME]
Limit analysis to just the listed sites.
--proxy/-p [PROXY­_URL]
Make requests over a proxy.
--json/-j [JSON_­FILE]
Load data from a JSON file or an online, valid, JSON file.
--timeout [TIMEOUT]
Time (in seconds) to wait for response to requests.
Force the use of the local data.json file.

Output Arguments

--fold­ero­utp­ut/-fo [FOLDE­ROU­TPUT]
If using multiple usernames, the output of the results will be saved to this folder.
--outp­ut/-o [OUTPUT]
If using a single username, the output of the results will be saved to this file.
Create a CSV file.
Output sites where the username was not found.
Output sites where the username was found.
Don't color the terminal output.

Misc. Arguments

Display debugging inform­ation and metrics.
Display version inform­ation and depend­encies.
Browse to all results on default browser.


sherlock john_doe
Search for only one user.
sherlock john_doe jane_doe
Search for multiple users.
sherlock --timeout 4 john_doe
Wait for four seconds between requests and responses.
sherlock --site john_doe
Check only a particular site(s) for the username's presence.
sherlock -t john_doe
Onion route requests.
sherlock --csv john_doe
Create a CSV file for the results.
sherlock -o 'john_­doe­_in­sta­nce­s.txt' john_doe
Send results to an output file.
sherlock -fo John john_doe, johndoe
Send results to folder with a file for each username specified.


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