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Cx Radiculopathy Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Cx Radiculopathy findings and management

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

TrP pain referral similar to cx radicu­lopathy

- Supras­­pi­n­atous - C5
- Infras­­pi­n­atous - C5-7
- Scalenus Anterior - C5-C7
- Levator Scapulae C8,T1

Cx Disc Herniation

- More likely to occur poster­ola­terally
- Hard Disc Derang­ement = older patient with degene­rative changes
- Soft Disc Derang­ement = young pts, trauma commonly benign
- Look out for C8,T1 lesions , disc hernia­tions are rare - could be non-me­cha­nical

NR Symptoms

Pain lateral upper arm to elbow, medial scapula border
Pain in the lateral forearm, thumb and index finger
Neck pain, medial scapula down to middle finger
Neck pain, radiating to the shoulder, ulnar side of forearm and little finger
Pain in shoulder and axilla to olecrana

Hx Findings

- Sharp, Aching pain in neck radiating into arm
- Stiffness of neck with decreased ROM
- Sensory Changes in dermatonal fashion , tingling, numbness, loss of sensation
- Myotomal weakness in muscles supplied by effected nerve root
- Bakody's sign (abducting the shoulder and placing hand on their head) reduces symptoms
- Pain may wake up patient at night (common in neurol­ogical pain)
- Coughing, Sneezi­ng/­str­aining (Valsalva) worsens pain

Exam Findings

- Pt head tilts away from side of radicular pain
- AROM reduced in Extension, rotation and lateral flexion - flexion relieves pain
- Tenderness of paraspinal cx muscles, Trps in muscles supplied by the affected nerve
-Cx spine compre­ssion & Doorbells +ve, Cx distra­ction relieves pain
- SMR affected (Dimin­ished & Asymme­trical)
- Gait, LL reflexes & Hoffmans and Babsinki for suspected myelopathy

Cervical Spine Injuries

Disc Derang­ements