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How to cook rice in slow cooker-Best way to Cook Cheat Sheet by

Cooking rice in a slow cooker is very simple and effortless.It is also effective as a saucepan or steamer. The slow cooker can cook white rice, brown rice or even wild rice with the same perfection.You don’t need to observe the cooking all the time, or you don’t have to worry about sticking the rice.If you just know how to cook rice in a slow cooker and follow the steps, you can have fluffy, tender and perfect rice every time without fail.


2-4 cups of rice

4-8 cups of water

2-4 tbs Butter, margarine or olive oil Salt

Final Words

If you follow the above instru­ction, you will be able to get excell­ently cooked rice within a short span of time.C­ooking rice would no more a compli­cated task, rather fun.You can enjoy the taste of perfectly cooked rice anytime and serve your family and friends.



Steps of cooking perfect rice in a slow cooker

Steps of cooking perfect rice in a slow cooker

Step 1:

Oil up the sides and bottom of your cooker with butter, margarine or olive oil.This will protect the rice from sticking to the pan.

Step 2:

Place 2 or 4 cups of rice in the cooker.Pour in 4or 8 cups of water.You will need the double water according to rice.Rice gets cooked by 2 to 1 ratio.4 cups of water for 2 cups of rice and 8 cups of water for 4 cups of rice.If you want to add taste, you can sprinkle a pinch of salt according to your taste over the rice.

Step 3:

Cover your cooker and cook on high temper­ature for 2-2 & 1/2 hours for white rice and 3 hours for brown or wild rice.G­ently stir the rice once during the whole cook time.

Step 4:

Check the rice. If it is underc­ooked, add 15-20 minutes until the water is absorbed and rice becomes tender and soft.

Step 5:

Uncover the cooker. Fluff the rice with a fork, and then serve piping hot rice. Cooked rice will remain hot up to 2 hours after turning the switch off. To add variety in your rice, you may add a bit of sea salt or some chopped garlic.This will enhance the flavor and taste of rice.You can even add onion or substitute water with chicken stock as well.

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