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Speech intent­ion

There's another reason why
In case of
In a nutshell
I can't make up my mind (Nem tudok dönteni)
Are you ready to...?
To be honest
I don't care
You can't be serious
Are you kidding?
Let me give you an example
You are mistaken
That's not the same
That's the point!
Think of
On the other hand
I must say that
Statistics show
I am not saying that
There's no doubt that
What I'm saying is
It is said
Speaking from experience
I believe that
To tell the truth
Don't be ridiculous
I agree with you
You also have to consider
What do you mean?
Come on!
That isn't the point
There is a lot to be said for (Sok minden szól amelle­tt,­hogy)
If you want my opinion
As I see it
All in all
I'm dying to
In fact
It would be sheer madness if
You can't say this seriously
To cut a long story short
I can't see the use of...

Asking for opinion

What do you think of
Don't you think
What's your opinion on/of/­about
How do you feel about
Do you have any thoughts on that
Would you (ever) consider
Are you for or against
Would you prefer
Would you rather
What are the advantages and disadv­antages of
How do you see the situation
What's your position on
What's your point of view on

Giving opinion

I believe (that)
I don't believe (that)
I feel
I don't feel that
To be (quite) honest
(Quite) honestly
I must say
If you ask me
In my opinion
In my view
From my point of view
As I see it
The way I see it
Don't you agree that
I'd say that
I reckon (Úgy vélem,­hogy)
I figure that
It seems to me that
As far as I'm concerned
I'm of the opinion that
I'd like to point out that
I'm (absol­utely) convinced that
I'm sure that
I strongly believe that
I have do doubt that

Agreeing with an opinion

You bet!
You can say that again!
You're right
That's right
That's a good point
(I think) that's a good idea
I (total­ly/­com­ple­tel­y/a­bso­lutely) agree (with you)
I agree with you entirely
I agree with this idea
I simply must agree with that
I am of the same opinion
That's exactly what I think
That's just what I was thinking
I think you're (absol­ute­ly/­qui­te/­dead) right
I couldn't agree with you more
There's no doubt about it that
That's just/e­xactly what I think/­believe

Partial agreement or polite disagr­eem­ent

Yes, but
But I thought
Don't get me wrong, but
Even so, if
Don't forget that
That's (quite­/very) true, but
I see what you mean, but
I see your point, but
Perhaps, but don't you think that
Well, you could be right
I'm not sure that I agree with this idea
It is only partly true that
I agree with you in part, but
It is not as simple as it seems
I agree with you in principle (elmél­etben), but
I agree with you up to a point, but
That's one way of looking at it, but
Under certain circum­stances
I respect your opinion, but

Disa­greeing with an opinion

Come off it!
Forget it!
Don't be so silly!
You can't really be serious!
You've got to be joking­/ki­dding!
I don't think so
That's not right
I don't agree with you at all
I'm sorry but I disagree
I totally disagree
I couldn't disagree more
I disagree with what you're saying
I don't share your opinion
I don't see it that way
I'm not sure I agree with you
I'm afraid I can't agree with you
I'm of a different opinon, because
I can't share this view
I beg to differ
What I object to is (Amit kifogá­solok az az,hogy)
I have my own thoughts about that
We don't see eye to eye on that


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