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Script Inspector 3 - Windows Keyboard Shortcuts by

Windows Keyboard shortcuts for the Unity plugin Script Inspector 3

Cursor Navigation

Move Caret by Word
Ctrl + Left / Right
Scroll View
Ctrl + Up / Down
Move Caret by Page
PageUp / PageDown
Move to Start of Line
Move to End of Line
Move to Start of File
Ctrl + Home
Move to End of File
Ctrl + End

History & Misc. Navigation

Go Forward
Alt + Right
Go Back
Alt + Left
Go To Line
Ctrl + G
Go To Definition
Go To Member
Alt + M

Search & Replace

Find in Open Document
Ctrl + F
Previous Occurrence
Shift + F3
or Ctrl+S­hift+G
Next Occurrence
or Ctrl + G
Quick Find Previous Occurrence
Ctrl + Shift + Up
or Ctrl+S­hift+F3
Quick Find Next Occurrence
or Ctrl + F3
Find All References
Shift + F12
Find in Files
Ctrl + Shift + F
Replace in Files
Ctrl + Shift + H

File Operations

Open File
Ctrl + Shift + O
Open File with Search
Alt + Shift + O
Ctrl + S
Save All Modified Files
Ctrl + R
Open in New Tab
Ctrl + T
Open in External IDE
Ctrl + Enter


Modify Selection
Shift + move caret using keyboard or mouse
Select All
Ctrl + A
Clear Selection
Mouse Selections
Select Word
Ctrl + Left Click
or Double­-Click
Select Multiple Words
Ctrl + Left Click + Drag
or Double­-Click + Drag
Select Line
Triple Click
or Left Click on Line Number
Select Multiple Lines
Triple Click + Drag
or Click + Drag on Line Numbers

Font Size

Increase Size
Ctrl + Plus
Decrease Size
Ctrl + Shift + Minus
Mouse Control
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
Touchpad Control
Pinch Gesture


Show/Hide Floating Tabs
Alt + T
(in main window)
Alt + Enter
Close Tab
Ctrl + F4
or Ctrl + W
Close Other SI Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + F4
Tab History Navigation
Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Navigate to Tab on Left
Ctrl + Alt + Left
or Ctrl + PageUp
Navigate to Tab on Right
Ctrl + Alt + Right
or Ctrl + PageDown
Move Tab
Ctrl + Shift +
Alt + Left / Right


Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Shift + Z
or Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V
Delete Previous Word
Ctrl + Backspace
Delete Next Word
Ctrl + Del
Move Selection
Left Click + Drag
Duplicate & Move Selection
Ctrl + Left Click + Drag
Move Line or Selected Lines
Alt + Up / Down
Duplicate Line or Selected Lines
Ctrl + D
Delete Line
Shift + Delete
Toggle Line Comments
Ctrl + /
or Ctrl + K
Increase Indent­ation
Ctrl + ]
or Tab (with selection)
Ctrl + [
or Shift + Tab (with selection)

Auto Completion

Toggle Auto-C­omplete Popup
Ctrl + Space
or ESC
Accept Selected Completion
Enter / Tab / non alphan­umeric character
Expand Code Snippet
Implement a Method Override
type override and press Space
Note: To implement a Magic Method (Unity's special message handling methods) just start typing a message name


Help for C# Keywords and
.Net or Unity Symbols
or Ctrl + '
Show .Net Reference Source
Execute Static Method
Ctrl + E


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