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6 Steps to FPS Cheat Sheet by

Follow these guidelines to complete your GIPS booklet

Analyzing the Future Scene

Research Topic
The general topic of your booklet
Focused Topic of the FS
Which of the 4 themes is it mainly discussing
Time Parameter
When is it happening
Place Parameter
Where is it happening
Key People and Organizations
New Products, Trends Vocabulary Mentioned
Major Events in the Situation
Charge in the Last Paragraph
(This is the direction to pursue in your problem)

Step 1- Writing Challenges

Did you mention
• the parame­ters?
• the cause you saw in the future scene? the fact
• the effect­/co­nse­quence on the cause? the problem
• the category ? In which area this situation might occur
• Stems of the structure?
Useful Stem Structures
Due to the fact that (fact), there may/might be a problem with (your idea/c­ate­gory) because (why it's a proble­m/what the problem is).
If (fact) and if(fact) then (possible situation) causing (problem/ category)
One problem might be (problem) because (fact/­con­dition) and (fact/­con­dition)
A problem might arise with (categ­ory), if (possible situation) and (possible situation) cause (possible problem) to occur.
•Cause: Facts from the Future Scene or the Research Completed
•Effect: What might happen
•Consequence: what might it result into

Step 6- Writing the Action Plan

Paragraph 1:
a. Think of your solution idea as an overview of your plan.
b. Fully develop and elaborate the action plan.
Who will carry out the plan or be involved?
What will be done to solve the problem – when will results begin – will it continue?
Where will the plan be implem­ented?
How will the action plan be carried out?
Paragraph 2:
c. Expand the solution idea by telling why and how the plan solves the underlying problem.
d. Describe any obstacles to overcome in implem­enting the action plan. Address supporters and opponents.
Paragraph 3:
e. Explain why and how this plan has a positive impact on the future scene, topic and society.

Important Note

It is really important for you to follow the structures provided and to have properly read about the topic that you are preparing for.

General Compet­ition Timeline

10 min
Read and Discuss Future Scene
10 min
Generate Challenges
20 min
Step 1- Write Challenege Statements
15 min
Step 2- Complete Underlying Problem
10 min
Produce Solution Ideas
15 min
Step 3- Write Solutions
20 min
Step4 & 5- Write Criteria & Rank solutions
15 min
Step 6- Develop Action plan
5 min
Finishing Touche­s/R­eview

The 16 categories

1. Arts & Aesthetics
2. Government & Politics
3. Basic Needs
4. Law & Justice
5. Business & Commerce
6. Miscel­laneous
7. Commun­ication
8. Physical Health
9. Defense
10. Psycho­logical Health
11. Economics
12. Recreation
13. Education
14. Social Relati­onships
15. Enviro­nment
16. Technology
17. Ethics *
18. Transp­ort­ation

Step 4 & 5 - Writing Criteria & Ranking

C = Cost
Which Solution Will (WSW) cost the least to implement?
H = Humaneness
WSW be the most humane?
E = Efficiency
WSW be the most efficient?
A = Acceptance
WSW be most accepted?
T = Time
WSW be quickest to implement?
Only one superl­ative adjective per criterion
An "­-st­" word must be present
A question that shows what you DO want to have
Advanced Criteria
Use the KEY VERB for one of the criteria
Use the PURPOSE for one of the criteria
Use a criteria that is SPECIFIC to the topic and the Future Scene (NOT THE PARAME­TERS)
Justify a generic criteria (CHEAT) with facts from the FS

Step 2- Identi­fying the Underlying Problem

Condition Phrase (CP), Stem (S), Key Verb Phrase (KVP), Purpose ( and Future Scene Parameters FSP)
The Key Verb Phrase
Because children in a cashless society (FSP) will not have the opport­unity to hold their money (FSP) in their hands or save it in a piggy bank (CP) in what ways might we (S) help children to learn monetary concepts (KVP) so they will become financ­ially respon­sible adults (P) in Leabeau County after 2031? (FSP)
CP: What is happening in the FS that reinforces the validity of your action goal
Stem: HMW (how might we)/IWWMW (In what ways might we)
KVP: the action goal or the important action verb
Purpose: What’s the positive outcome that may occur if the action is accomp­lished
FSP: the Parameters of the FS • Put time and beyond, i.e “In 2050 and beyond”

Step 2 - Other KEY VERB PHRASE

Step 3- Producing Solutions

You must come up with many ideas to accomplish the UP Parame­ters:
1. Key Verb Phrase
2. Purpose
3. within the FSP and beyond
USE WILL+ a verb
Who indicates who will implement the solution idea. Identify the group or person to carry out the solution.
What indicates the solution idea.
How describes how the solution idea will work
Why indicates why the solution idea will solve the UP (KVP & or what you will accomplish by implem­enting the solution idea.
Where and When


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