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Wall-E TMUX Cheatsheet Cheat Sheet by

Fine tuned tmux configuration

Leader Key

Leader Key. Keys that follow are processed by TMUX.
<le­ade­r> ?
List all Shortcuts

Editing Windows / Panes

<le­ade­r> c
Create New Window
<le­ade­r> &
Close Current Window and it's Panes
<le­ade­r> &
Create Vertical Split
<le­ade­r> _
Create Horizontal Split
<le­ade­r> x
Close Current Pane
<le­ade­r> ,
Rename Window
<le­ade­r> $
Rename Session
<le­ade­r> C
Create New Named Window

Navigating Windows & Panes

<le­ade­r> n/p
Move to Next/P­revious Window
<le­ade­r> w/s
Intera­ctively Switch Windows
<le­ade­r> o
Cycle through Panes
<le­ade­r> j/k
Cycle Horizo­ntally through Panes
<le­ade­r> h/l
Cycle Vertically through Panes
<le­ade­r> Left
Increase Pane width on Left
<le­ade­r> Right
Increase Pane width on Right
<le­ade­r> Up
Increase Pane with on Top
<le­ade­r> Down
Increase Pane with on Bottom
<le­ade­r> [
Enter Scoll Mode.
to exit.
<le­ade­r> e
toggle synchr­onize panes for key entry
<le­ade­r> $
rename window


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