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3-Step Guide to Growing with Facebook Ads

# 1 Location, Location, Locati­on-­Based Targeting

Facebook ads are like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location. You see, Facebook really wants to show your ad to as many people as possible. That way, they can fill your order and move into the next one.

But you’re not in the business of getting your order filled as quickly as possible. You’re in the business of getting as many leads, customers, and dollars as possible. And as a small business, you want the type of customers that come back time and time again - that means local customers.

The type of customers that can get up, drive to your store, and spend money.

When you first setup your ad, Facebook has a default advert­ising radius that spans up to 30 miles around­—that’s almost 90 minutes driving distance during work hours. That’s too big. Those people will drive too far. They will see your compet­ition along their route. They won’t be happy. And won’t come back.

Instead of fighting all of that, **just target 5-10 miles around your
busine­ss.** Your customers will be closer, you’ll get more referrals, and
nail those ‘just need to get in and out quick’ high-m­argin customers
that pay the same rate, but take up less time.

#2 Have a Thumb-­Sto­pping, Attent­ion­-Ge­tting, Click-­worthy Act-Now Offer That is Worth Breaking a Habit Over!

Millions of small businesses put ads on Facebook but 90% of them fail. Flat out fail. Fail in terms of clicks, dollars, sales, customers, and return on invest­ment.

Do you know why they fail? They fail because they don’t have a thumb-­sto­pping, attent­ion­-ge­tting, click-­worthy act-now offer that's worth breaking a habit over.

Here’s a tip - break down what you normally do for your first time customers. Be obvious about it. Be explicit about it. Show them the value.

I ran this for a car salesman, a VERY difficult niche, which turned a $125 one time ad budget into a campaign of easily $205,000 of brand Hemi truck and Wrangler sales!

MUCH EASIER are the needs-­based services. Take a chirop­ractor for example! Where $600 ad spend easily turns into $4,200 in immediate sales (not counting the referrals it gets and the return visits)! It's as easy as an ad saying this...

“Hey Detroit! Back pain, Neck pain, and Headaches are no fun right? I’m Dr. Stanford and I'm doing something CRAZY to promote our office. I’m giving away a Consul­tation, Spinal Examin­ation, Blood Pressure Evalua­tion, and Doctor Report of Findings for $21. Only 37 vouchers left! Claim Yours today.”

By the way, your attent­ion­-ge­tting offer has almost nothing to do with dropping your price or bringing in a discount. It's about creating something worth breaking a habit over. Have a thumb-­sto­pping , attent­ion­-ge­tting, click-­worthy act-now offer that's worth breaking a habit over.

#3 Placing Placements Where They are Supposed to Be Placed!

Facebook is like TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard, and Magazine all rolled into one. That means you’ve got options. A lot of options. In fact there are 16 different and unique placements across Facebook. Half on Desktop and another half on Mobile.

Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, In-stream Advert­ising, Facebook Audience Network, RIght Column, NewsFeeds, Carousels, Slides­hows. There’s a lot of opport­unity. Not including the more advanced options of advert­ising directly inside of Facebook Groups or even inside of Facebook Messenger.

But you don’t want to advertise in all of those placem­ents. Did you know there’s only one type of placement that consis­tently generates the eager to buy, eager to show up customers” that you want? Facebook won’t tell you that but every successful small business knows it.

Advertise directly in the Facebook Newsfeed. The Facebook feed is where all your friends post things, where baby picture show up, and where political posts get their drama. Its no wonder why it consis­tently generates the most customers - it’s exactly where your future customers are already paying attention.

That’s where everyone's thumbs are, that's where everyone’s eyeballs are, and that's where you should be.


So keep a lookout for my next email.

I’ll be sending you several emails with awesome Facebook ads training, tips, and tricks that will skyrocket your Facebook Ads game.

I’ll show you expert secrets to Facebook Marketing that delivers over 100 leads.

So stay tuned!

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