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Controls cheat sheet for tabletop simulator.

Getting Started

Load Tabletop Simulator from Steam. You will be greeted by a screen that says "­Joi­n" or "­Cre­ate­". Select "­Joi­n". The "­Server Browse­r" may take a moment to load as there are often many game rooms. At the top of the screen click on the search box and enter the inform­ation provided by the host.
--- Changing Color ---
In order to interact with a game you create or join, you need to select a "­col­or" to represent you.
Click on your name on the top right and then choose “Change Color” and change to a different color (both left and right click works). This also changes your seat location, but you can see exactly where you will be moving to if that affects your color choice. You can also join/c­hange your team.
--- Notebook ---
The Notebook is a multi-use booklet which includes the rules of the game, private notes and the ability to delete and create other pages.
--- Teams ---
Teams are a way to group Players in a game together so they can better work together. There are 5 teams, Hearts­/Cl­ubs­/Sp­ade­s/D­iam­ond­s/J­okers.
---Tea­mmate Features
Being on the same team grants many advantages that allow players to work together in secret.
See each other's private info (Hand Zones, Hidden Zones, Notebook Pages)
Private voice chat, Private in-game chat channel (Only available when on a team)
---Joining a Team
Click on your own name in the upper right and, from the dropdown, select Change Team. This opens the selection menu where a team is selected.
---Leaving a Team
Follow the same steps taken when joining a team but select None for which team to join.

In Game Help

On screen controls guide

Movement and Camera Controls

Hold RMB
Rotate Camera
Scroll MMB
Zoom In & Zoom Out
Click MMB or Z
Quick Zoom To Location
Reset Camera
Move Camera
Change Camera Mode
--- First Person Camera Mode Controls ---
WASD keys in combin­ation with the RMB moves in first person mode.
Fly Camera Up
Fly Camera Down
--- Creating Camera States ---
To save a camera state, move your camera where you want to save, then right click on a table or non-object and this will bring up the Global Contextual Menu. Click on Save Camera and choose the number you wish to save it into.
Altern­ati­vely, you can use the hotkey Ctrl + #
--- Loading Camera States ---
To load up a camera save, open the Global Contextual Menu, click on Load Camera and choose the number. The hotkey for this is Shift + #

Object Manipu­lation

Click & Hold LMB on an object to pick it up (If object is locked you will not be able to pick it up)
Long Click & Hold LMB on an object to pick it up a stack (like a deck of cards)
To pick up two or more objects, you can hold one object and hover over another RMB to pick up additional objects
An easier option to pick up multiple objects Click, Hold & Drag LMB anywhere on the table to highlight multiple objects in a box.
While holding an object, you can press the RMB to tap it down
Flip an object by pressing the F key, MMB, or right clicking on it to bring up the menu and select the 'Flip' option
Zoom in on a specific object by hovering over it and pressing the ALT key – this works best for cards
While in ALT Zoom mode, use the MMB to zoom in and out further and the Q & E keys to rotate
RMB on any object will bring up the Context Menu
The majority of gameplay within Tabletop Simulator requires you to manipulate objects: moving them, placing them, rotating them, etc.

Advanced Controls

Ping a location
Shuffle / Roll Dice
Applies or removes a Blindfold
Groups Objects together
Magnify areas
Nudge Objects
Change Camera View
Place an Object under another (Not meant for decks)
Peek at the underside of an Object
Number Row Keys
Draw a number of items
Number Pad Keys
Activate scripting via hotkeys. If there is no scripting, they perform no action
+ / -
Scales Objects
--- ALT Modifier ---
By default, ALT shows a zoomed preview of the Object the mouse is hovering over. But it is also used as a modifier for other keys.
ALT Rotate (Q/E/S­croll wheel)
Rotate on a different axis
Flips on a different axis
Drops the last grabbed Object or the bottom card of a held deck
ALT + Shift + Q / E
Altern­ative scaling method


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