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ROCKS Cluster Commands Cheat Sheet by

Commands to make managing a ROCKS cluster easier. Developed for ROCKS 6.2.


rocks create distro
Rebuilds the distri­bution (cd /expor­t/r­ock­s/i­nstall/ first)
rocks create package /opt/foo foo --vers­ion=0.1
Create v 0.1 of foo.rpm with contents of /opt/foo


rocks list host attr
List all attributes of head and compute nodes
rocks list roll
List available rolls (name,­ver­,ar­ch,­ena­bled)


rocks run host compute "foo -bar"
Run the command "foo -bar" on all compute nodes
rocks run host comput­e-0-1 "foo -bar"
Run the command "foo -bar" only on comput­e-0-1
rocks run host compute "­foo­" delay=10
Run the command "­foo­" on all compute nodes, wait 10 seconds between each
rocks run host compute "­/bo­ot/­kic­kst­art­/cl­ust­er-­kic­kst­art­-px­e"
Reboot and rebuild every compute node
rocks run host compute "­upt­ime­" collate=on
Run the command "­upt­ime­" on each compute node and include the node name in the results


rocks sync users
Sync user and group inform­ation to all nodes
rocks sync config
Update all config files, restart relevant services
rocks sync slurm
Sync SLURM config­uration files to compute nodes


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