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Generate free glucos­e-i­mpo­rtant control point

1. In most tissues, glucose 6-phos­phate (G6P), instead of glucose, is the end product, and is used to synthesize glycogen.
Glucose 6-phos­phatase is present only in the liver and to a lesser extent the kidney.
6 ATPs are spent in synthe­sizing glucose from pyruvate
Energy charge determines whether glycolysis or glucon­eog­enesis will be most active

GlucoSSS and Glycolysis are Recipr­ocally Regulated


Lactate and Alanine

Cooperate between Gsis and Glusis during a sprint


The place for eukaryotic oxidative phosph­ory­lation
The driving force for oxidative phosph­ory­lation
Respir­atory chain, compon­ents, sequence of e- transfer, sites of H+ pump
ATP synthase, chemio­smotic hypoth­esis, binding change mechanism
Shuttles for molecules across the mitoch­ondrial membranes (ATP/ADP, cytopl­asmic NADH)
The regulation of cellular respir­ation (ATP/ADP, NAD+/NADH, FAD/FADH2)


Glycolysis Is an Energy­-Co­nve­rsion Pathway in Many Organisms
Glycol­ysis, 2 stages, 10 steps, 3 key steps, 2 ATPs, 1 NADH, signif­icance
The Glycolytic Pathway Is Tightly Controlled
3 key steps, 3 key enzymes, allosteric activa­tor­/in­hib­itors
Glucose Can Be Synthe­sized from Non-ca­rbo­hydrate Precursors
Glucon­eog­enesis, noncar­boh­ydrate sources, four new reactions
Glucon­eog­enesis and Glycolysis Are Recipr­ocally Regulated
key control points, allosteric activa­tor­/in­hib­itors

Regula­tio­nof­Cel­lul­arR­esp­ira­tio­nGo­verned primarily



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