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Progress OpenEdge Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A cheat sheet for Progress OpenEdge (4GL)

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Index declar­ation

INDEX indexName [IS UNIQUE PRIMARY] fieldName

Finding a record in a temp-table

FIND [FIRST | LAST | NEXT | PREV] <tt­-na­me> [where <cr­ite­ria­>] NO-ERROR.

Check availa­bility of record

IF AVAILABLE (<t­t-n­ame­>) then <st­ate­men­t>

Iterating using queries

1.Create, prepare, and open the query object. 2.Perform query naviga­tion. 3.Close the query and delete the query object.
create query <qu­ery­-ha­ndl­e>.
<qu­ery­-ha­ndl­e>:­add­-bu­ffe­r(b­uffer <tt­-ha­ndl­e>).

Query iteration through related temp-t­ables

CREATE QUERY <qu­ery­-na­me>
<qu­ery­-na­me>­:AD­D-B­UFF­ER(­BUFFER tt1:HA­NDLE).
<qu­ery­-na­me>­:AD­D-B­UFF­ER(­BUFFER tt2:HA­NDLE).
<qu­ery­-na­me>­:QU­ERY­-PR­EPA­RE(­"FOR EACH TT1, EACH TT2 WHERE")

Copying specific data from static to dynamic

(s = static)
dynTTH­andle = dynTT:­DEF­AUL­T-B­UFF­ER-­HANDLE
FOR EACH sTT where
(dyn = dynamic)

Deleting a dynamic temp-table


Creden­tials settings for PASOE

Window -> Prefer­ences -> Progress OpenEdge -> Server -> OpenEdge Explorer Connec­tions -> Select connection -> Edit

Connection Parameters

The URL of the server to which you arecon­nec­ting, where: scheme — Is either HTTPor HTTPS. host — Specifies the name or domainof the host. port — Specifies the port for the host connection that the instance is runningon. web-ap­p-name — Specifies the OpenEdge ABL web applic­ation to connect with. If web-ap­p-name is not specified, a connection tothe default OpenEdge ABL web applic­ation (ROOT) is used. transport — Specifies the ABL client (orOpen Client) transport. Must be apsv.

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