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Working With TU

When do you work with TU?
When several loads with different ASN are combined together into one sheet.
When do you need to activate TU?
When You are the first person to start receiving that particular freight
How do you activate TU?
Inbound Process ->>­>TU Checkin ->>> Scan TU ->>­>Enter A.Door (Same as P.Door) ->>­>F3 ->>­>Yes ->>> F7
What next after activating TU?
You Start Receiving

Receiving Process

Inbound Process ->>­>Un­loa­d/R­eturn ->>­>DFC Unload/DFC Receipt ->>> Scan TU/Scan ASN/Type in A.Door ->>­>Scan Printer ->>­>Scan Box UPC ->>> Press Enter ->>­>Enter Physically Seen Qty ->>­>Press Enter ->>­>F2 (To Confirm) ->>­>Check Printer for Label ->>> Paste on Article Received.

Identi­fying Product UPC

Always Look for this bar-code type to scan

Changing Bin Location

When do you Change Bin?
You Change Bin if an item is too big or too small for a location
How do you Change Bin?
Scan WO ->>> F1 (Ch Bin) ->>> Enter/Scan the new Bin ->>­>Co­ntinue the Putaway Process as written above
Always ask before you change bin location of any item

To Putaway Items

Inbound Process ->>> Putaway ->>> Putaway by WO ->>> Scan WO ->>> Scan Product UPC ->>> Enter QTY you are putting away ->>> Scan Bin Location ->>> Place it in the Exact Location ->>> Enter the next WO.

label Identi­fic­ation

A- Active Location
Anything From 01-05 level e.g 15-AA-001-04-01
R - Reserve Location
Anything above 05 level e.g 15-AA-001-06-01
B - Bulk Location
Big items that goes into Flooring Locations

Box Seperation For Putaway

Here We seperate by labels and locations
All Active labels (01-04) levels should be arranged on bakers rack for putaway conven­ience
All Reserve labels and Active label Level (05) e.g 15-AA-001-05-01 should be seperated according to aisle
All Bulk Label Should be Placed on Blue Pallet (each article on a pallet)


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