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Behavior Expectation Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Following Directions

Listen to the directions
Carefully read the directions
Ask any clarifying questions
Begin assign­men­t/p­roject
Rationale: Allows students to effici­ently complete their work without disrupting the class.

Begin an Assignment

Sit a desk with only necessary materials
Read the directions
Begin assignment
Voice level 0
Rationale: Teaches students how to take respon­sib­ility for their learning.


Keep eyes on the person speaking
Center attention on speaker
Voice level 0
Calmly wait for the speaker to finish before asking a question or making a comment
Thank the person for their time
Rationale: It commun­icates you value other people's thoughts and opinions.

Borrowing Materials

Politely ask to borrow materials
Remain clam and wait for response
If yes, tell the classmate thank you and give a time frame when you will return the item
If no, politely accept their response and say thank you
Rationale: It reduces bullying instances.

Accepting being told no

Remain calm
Take a deep breath
Respond with "I unders­tan­d" or "­Oka­y"
If needed, annotate frustr­ations and ask to discuss with teache­r/peer at a later time
Rationale: Self-c­ontrol and learn how to commun­icate in a calm manner.