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ChatGPT Prompt Guide Cheat Sheet by

This guide will help you understand and write better prompts on LLMs/ChatGPT

Prompt Guide

Be Specific
Provide detailed and clear instru­ctions, including context, length, and tone
Write a 200-word summary of the plot of 'Pride and Prejud­ice­'.""D­escribe the taste of coffee in 3 sentences
"Act as if…"
Instruct the AI to assume a role or persona for tailored responses.
Act as if you are a historian and explain the signif­icance of the Industrial Revolu­tio­n."<­br>­"­Pretend you are a chef and describe how to make a chocolate cake
Use "­Do" and "­Don­’t"
List inclusions and exclusions to refine results.
Write a story about a hero, but don’t include any dragon­s."<­br>­"­Des­cribe the features of a smartp­hone, but don’t mention any brands
Use Examples
Provide examples to guide the AI's output.
Write a motiva­tional quote like 'The only limit to our realiz­ation of tomorrow is our doubts of today.'­" <br­>"Ge­nerate a greeting card message similar to 'Wishing you all the best on your special day
Consider Tone and Audience
Mention the target audience and desired ton
Explain blockchain technology to a high school studen­t." <br­>"Write a formal letter to a government official about enviro­nmental policies
Build on Previous Prompts
Iterat­ively refine prompts based on responses.
Improve this paragraph: [insert paragr­aph­]." <br­>"Expand on the benefits of exercise from this list: [insert list]
Correct Mistakes and Give Feedback
Interact and correct the AI as needed.
Rewrite this sentence without gramma­tical errors: [insert senten­ce]." <br­>"Adjust this paragraph to make it more concise: [insert paragraph]
Ask for Prompt Sugges­tions
Request the AI to suggest prompts or needed details
Suggest three ways to start a story about a magical forest." <br­>"What details should I include in a report about climate change?
Specify Output Format
Clearly state the desired format (e.g., story, code, report).
Write a poem about the ocean."­ <br­>"Create a Python script that calculates the area of a circle
Inspired from Harvard guide on AI prompts.


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