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Rate Limits for Self Hosted GitHub Runners Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A handy guide to the various rate limits a user might come across when deploying their own self-hosted GitHub Actions Runners.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

GitHub APIs

API requests to GitHub from self hosted runners
1000 requests per hour across all actions within a repo
Primary rate limit for authen­ticated users
5,000 requests per hour
Primary rate limit for GitHub App instal­lations
Min. 5,000 requests per hour (can go upto 12,500 depending upon the number of repos and users).
15,000 per hour if the instal­lation is on a GitHub Enterprise Cloud Organi­zation
Primary rate limit for GITHUB­_TOKEN in GitHub Actions
1,000 requests per hour per reposi­tory.
For GitHub Enterprise Cloud Account, the limit is 15,000 requests per hour per repo
Secondary Rate Limits:

Along with the primary rate limits noted above, GitHub also enforces some secondary rate limits.

- No more than 100 concurrent requests allowed.
- No more than 900 read requests per minute or 180 write requests per minute to a single REST endpoint.

Cloud Providers (Creating Runners)

Uses Token Bucket system. Maximum of 1000 tokens, with a refill rate of 2 tokens per second.
Google Cloud Engine
1500 requests per minute per region
Microsoft Azure
1200 writes per hour per subscr­iption
Hetzner Cloud
3600 requests per hour per project

Package Registries

RubyGems Rate Limit
10 requests per second


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Docker Hub

Anonymous Users
100 pulls per 6 hours per IP address
Authen­ticated Users
200 pulls per 6 hour period per account
Users with Paid Docker Subscr­iption
Up to 5000 pulls per day

Image Registries

Amazon ECR
Authen­tic­ated: 10 image pulls per second
Unauth­ent­icated: 1 image pull per second
Google Artifact Registry
1000 requests per second. 300 write requests per second.
Azure Container Registry (Basic Tier)
1000 read, 100 write operations per minute