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Building a Job Aid Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This cheat sheet will help you determine whether to build a job aid and get started building them.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

What is a Job Aid?

A job aid is a print or electronic document containing inform­ation and guidance for supporting the task at hand. It is often one sheet (front or front and back) but some are longer.
Other terms: checklist, cheat sheet, planner

Common Types of Job Aids

Step Action Table
A procedure where each row contains one step of the procedure and explains the action of that step.
Decision Table
Sets of "­If-­the­n" statements to guide decisions based on specific condit­ions.
Lookup Table
A table of similar items, often with brief descri­ptions or explan­ations. Examples: primary vendors, company job titles, shipping rates.
A list of items used to ensure consis­tency. Present in a logical order (chron­olo­gical, alpha, etc.)
A graphical repres­ent­ation of a process where each step is repres­ented by a different symbol.

Examples of Job Aids (This is a Reference List)



Will using the job aid at the moment of need cause any problems?
IF YES, a job aid is a bad solution. The person may need to to remember the inform­­ation or a system solution may be needed.
Is speed or fluent ability to perform the task(s) critical?
IF YES, a job isn't the solution. The person must be able to perform without support.
In some cases, a job aid cannot work. These are two common reasons why. Job aids may, however, be useful in these situations during training.


Is the inform­­ation or task comp­l­icated and import­ant?
IF YES, a job aid is valuable and likely to be used.
Is the task performed infr­e­qu­­ent­ly?
IF YES, a job aid can be extra helpful because the work may have been forgotten.
Do people need to assess whether they are doing the task to standard?
IF YES, a job aid can provide guidance and criteria.
Are there a lot of things to rememb­er?
IF YES, a job aid can reduce the load on memory.
Is the price of making errors high?
IF YES, a job aid can provide needed guidance at the moment of need.
The more times you answer YES, the more likely a job aid will be helpful (all things being equal).

Learn to Write Job Aids

Buy Allison Rossett's book
Search for "­______ job aid" online and check against my questions, types, and examples
Search online
Decons­truct really good job aids and figure out what isn't good about the bad ones
See examples

Example: Onboarding Job Aid (This is a Checklist)

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