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Cheat Sheet- Meeting Room (B4) Cheat Sheet by

This cheat sheet is for using the TV in conference room

Connecting your Laptop to TV

Picture 1

Connecting your Laptop to TV

Step 1: Connect the DOC to your laptop using the USB-C connector as shown above. (Picture 1)
Step 2: Power ON the TV using the remote. (Wait 5 seconds to ensure standby light is off)
Step 3: Find the input source button on TV remote and select HDMI 3 as source
Step 4: You should be able to see your screen mirrored on TV

Robotics Plus (Important Web Addresses)

Atlassian Home Page
Office 365 login

Extending your laptop screen on TV

Step 1: On your Windows 10 laptop press Windows Key+P key together
Step 2: From the project Screen selection as shown below select "­Ext­end­" (Picture 2)
Step 3: Your Windows 10 laptop screen will be extended to TV

Extending your laptop screen on TV

Picture 2

Handy Keyboard shortcuts

Display and hide the desktop
Windows logo key + D
Open the Connect quick action
Windows logo key + K
Lock your PC or switch accounts
Windows logo key + L
Choose a presen­tation display mode
Windows logo key + P
Take a screenshot of part of your screen.
Windows logo key + Shift + S
Maximize the window
Windows logo key + Up arrow OR F11


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