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Sublime Text 3 (QWERTY/Z) Keyboard Shortcuts by

Bindings for Sublime Text 3, from Version 3.2.2, file: Default(Windows).sublime-keymap. There's some more in there, plus lots of opportunity for customization! I've included the 'alternatives' that a QWERTZ keyboard defaults to because of key IDs mapping differently. Tested on Win10, Needed to set alternatives in User keymap for Linux.

Tabs and Windows

Ctrl N
New Tab
Ctrl ⇧ N
New Window
Ctrl W
Close File
Ctrl ⇧ W
Close Window
Ctrl F4
Close File
Ctrl Al­t P
Quick Switch Project


Ctrl ⇧ P
Command Promp
Ctrl Al­t ⇧ P
Show Scope
Ctrl `
Ctrl Ö
Open Console
Ctrl B
Ctrl Break
Cancel Build


Ctrl .
Next Modifi­cation
Ctrl ,
Previous Modifi­cation
Ctrl K Z
Revert Modifi­cation
Ctrl K /
Ctrl K #
Toggle Inline Diff for Line
Ctrl K ;
Ctrl K Ü
Toggle Inline Diff for Line
(minim­izing all others)


Toggle Spellcheck
Ctrl F6
Next Spelling Error
Ctrl ⇧ F6
Previous Spelling Error

Find / Replace

Ctrl F
Find Next
⇧ F3
Find Previous
Ctrl H
Find / Replace
Ctrl ⇧ F
Find / Replace in Multiple Files
Ctrl E
Slurp Selection into Find
Ctrl ⇧ E
Slurp Selection into Replace
Ctrl I
Increm­ental Find


Ctrl K B
Toggle Side Bar
Ctrl V B
Toggle Word Wrap
Alt ­⇧ 1
Single View
Alt ­⇧ [2..4]
2, 3, or 4 Column Views
Alt ­⇧ 5
Two-By-Two Grid
Alt ­⇧ [8,9]
2 or 3 Rows
Ctrl [1..4]
Jump to View
Ctrl ⇧ [­1..4]
Move File to View

Navigation in Project

Alt -
Jump Through Previous Carets
Alt ­⇧ -
Reverse Jump Through Previous Carets
Go to Definition
⇧ F12
Go to Reference
Ctrl P
Go to File
Ctrl R
Go to Function
Ctrl ;
Ctrl Ü
Go to Word
Ctrl G
Go to Line Number
Ctrl ⇧ R
Go to Symbol in Project
Ctrl K C
Center Cursor on Screen
Ctrl M
Jump to Bracket (Closing First, Then Opening)

Tab Navigation

Ctrl PgUp
Cycle Though Tabs
Ctr ­PgDown
Reverse Cycle Through Tabs
Ctrl ⭾
Switch to Previous Tab in Stack
Ctrl ⇧ ⭾
Switch to Next Tab in Stack
Alt ­[1..9]
Switch to Tab by Position


Ctrl ⇧ ]
Ctrl ⇧ ´
Fold Indent­ation Block
Ctrl ⇧ [
Ctrl ⇧ ß
Unfold Indent­ation Block
Ctrl K [­1..9]
Fold by Level
Ctrl K 0
Unfold All
Ctrl K J
Unfold All

Text Manipu­lation

Ctrl ⇧ ↑
Swap Line(s) Up
Ctrl ⇧ ↓
Swap Line(s) Down
Ctrl T
Swap multiple Selections
Ctrl ⇧ K
Delete Line
Ctrl Del
Delete Next Word
Ctrl ⌫
Delete Previous Word
Ctrl K K
Delete from Cursor to EOL
Ctr ­K ⌫
Delete From Cursor to BOL
Ctrl J
Join Lines
Ctrl ⇧ D
Dulicate Line(s)
Ctrl X
Cut Entire Line
Ctrl ⇧ V
Paste and Indent
Ctrl K V
Paste from History
Ctrl U
Soft Undo *
Ctrl ⇧ U
Soft Redo *
Ctrl Y
Redo or Repeat
Ctrl K U
Convert to Upper Case
Ctrl K L
Convert to Lower Case
Ctrl ⏎
Insert Line Below
Ctrl ⇧ ⏎
Insert Line Above
Ctrl Space
Navigate Auto-C­omplete Sugges­tions
Ctrl /
Ctrl #
Comment Out Line(s)
Ctrl ⇧ /
Ctrl ⇧ #
Block-­Comment Out Line(s)
Ctrl ]
Ctrl ´
Indent Line(s)
Ctrl [
Ctrl ß
Alt ­⇧ W
Wrap Selection in Tag
Alt .
Close Current Tag
Alt Q
Force text to 80 Char Width **
Sort Lines **
Ctrl F9
Sort Lines Case Sensitive **
*) Goes to location of change, second press to confirm re/undo
**) CAUTION Will apply on entire file if nothing is selected


Ctrl Al­t ↑
(WIN) Add Cursor Above
Ctrl Al­t ↓
(WIN) Add Cursor Below
Alt ­⇧ ↑
(LINUX) Add Cursor Above
Alt ­⇧ ↓
(LINUX) Add Cursor Below
Ctrl Click
Add Cursor
⇧ Ri­ght­-Click
Drag to Select Multiple Lines
(WIN) Drag to Select Multiple Lines
Crtl D
Select Word (Repeat for More Instances)
Ctrl K D
Select Word (Skip Currently Selected Instance)
Ctrl L
Select Line (Repeat for More Instances)
Ctrl ⇧ M
Select Contents of Brackets
Ctrl ⇧ J
Select Indent­ation Block
Ctrl ⇧ A
Select Contents of Tag
Ctrl ⇧ Space
Select Scope
Alt F3
Select All Instances of Current Selection
Alt ­⇧ L
Split Selection Into Lines


Ctrl F2
Toggle Bookmark
Go to Next Bookmark
⇧ F2
Go to Previous Bookmark
Ctrl ⇧ F2
Clear All Bookmarks
Ctrl K Space
Set Mark
Ctrl K A
Select to Mark
Ctrl K W
Delete to Mark
Ctrl K X
Swap Cursor with Mark
Ctrl K G
Delete Mark
Ctrl K Y


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