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Japanese Basic Particles List Cheat Sheet by

A list of Japanese Particles in JLPT N5

Japanese Particles

は wa
Topic marker
私は先生です。I'm a teacher.
が ga
Subject marker, likes/­­di­s­l­ikes, target of desire, ability or skills
マリーが好きです。I like Mary.
を o
Object marker
手紙を書きま­­す。­W­r­iting a letter.
も mo
田中さんも大­­学生­で­す。Mr. Tanaka is also a university student.
の no
あなたの友達。A friend of yours.
で de
place of action, config­­ur­a­tion, means, reason, ingredient
海で泳ぐ。一­­人で­す­る­。船­­で行く­­。I'll swim in the sea. I'll do it alone. I'll go on a boat.
に ni
result of change, destin­­ation, precise time* and place of existence
私は医者にな­­りま­し­た­。病­­院に行­­く。­四­時­に始まる。I became a doctor. I go to the hospital. It starts at 4 o'clock.
へ e
学校へ行く。I go to the direction of the school.
と to
companion, exhaustive "­­an­d­" and base of location
林檎とバナナ。An apple and a banana.
や ya
"­­an­d­" so on
鉛筆や本。A pencil and a book and etc.
か ka
or/que­­stion ending
お腹が空いて­­いま­す­か­。パ­­ンかケ­­ーキ。Are you hungry? Bread or cake?
ね ne
confir­­mation ending
高いですね。It's expensive, isn't it?
よ yo
exclam­­ation ending
これはおいし­­いよ­。This is delicious!
から kara
starting point
七時から、九­­時ま­で­勉­強する。I study from 7 o'clock until 9 o'clock.
まで made
ending point
七時から、九­­時ま­で­勉­強する。I study from 7 o'clock until 9 o'clock.


*These usually don't need the particle に
days: 昨日、今日、明日
weeks: 先週、今週、来週
month: 先月、今月、来月
year: 去年、今年、来年
time: 朝、昼、夕方、夜


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