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Info on Podcasting

What's Up With Audio?

Audio is the fastest growing part of the publishing industry.
Audiobooks saw a growth of 22.7% from 2016 to 2017!
1 out of every 10 books sold is in audio
At least 21% of Americans own a smart speaker* (Amazon Echo, etc.) up from 7% in 2017

Why Podcast?

Audio is big – both podcasts and audiobooks are growing rapidly.
Your voice in their ear creates a strong connection and fosters engage­ment.
You can stand out since few authors have their own podcasts.
Interviews can help you build relati­onships with people in the industry.
It's another platform to share your creativity and ideas
People listen longer than they watch a YouTube video or read a blog post.
You learn to be a better commun­icator and storyt­eller.
Possib­ility for moneti­zation


iTunes / Apple Pocasts
Google Play

Starting Your Podcast

What are Your Goals?
- What do you hope to accomplish?
- Is it measurable?
How will you know when you've succeeded?
Determine Your Why
- Who is the show for?
- How will it benefit them?
- How will you stand out?
What Kind of Podcast?
- Solo
- Interview
- Multi-host
- Roundtable
- NPR-style audio magazine
Choose a Name
- Create a subtitle, short & long descri­ptions
Other Questions
- How long will it be?
- What's the format?
- Brainstorm potential topics & guests

Be a Good Podcast Guest

Listen to several episodes.
Record in a quiet space.
Silence your phone & computer notifi­cat­ions.
Prepare, but don't sound rehearsed.
Relax and talk to them like you're just having coffee.
Smile when you talk.
Have a beverage nearby, but space out drinking and talking.
Promote a single URL at the end, not every social site you have.
Promote the episode when it goes live.
Send a thank you note.

What Do You Need?

- Microphone (Audio­-Te­chnica ATR2100-USB)
- Mic stand
- Windscreen or pop filter
Recording & Editing Software
- Quicktime
- Audacity
- Garage Band
- iMovie
Interview Software
- Skype
- Zencastr
- Ringr
- Cleanfeed
- Zoom
Podcast Host
- (record & host for free)
- Podbean
- Buzzsprout
- Libsyn
Cover Art
- Domain name
- Transcription
- Music & profes­sional intro

How to get on podcasts

Listen to the show first.
Follow their pitch direct­ions.
Pitch in a way that centers them and their audience.


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