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Shadora DCC House Rules Cheat Sheet by

House rules for running DCC in Shadora


Cleric, Warrior, Thief, or Wizard
Dwarf; Access to Gunpowder
Elf; Access to Perali Bow
Dwarf; Amphib, Resist, Xform
Thief; Unlucky, Claws, Hunter
WIP: Lazuri, Mawla, Nein, Vrawk, Xern

Half Levels

Spend an Advance to gain a half level
2 Spells
Caster Level is 0, Turn Unholy is gained, Lay on Hands with -1 die of effect.
d2 Luck
Skill bonus for all thief skills are one half the listed 1st level value, rounded down. Cast spell from scroll is 1d10
d2 Deed
Half level Warrior cannot perform Mighty Deeds; may choose Lucky Weapon
2 Spells
Caster Level is 0

Additional Rules

Wild Attack: +2 Attack, -2 AC
Cunning Escape: Thieves and Halflings can burn a luck point to avoid equal # of combat withdrawal attacks.
Improving Stats: At level up, roll 4d6 and drop lowest. Pick one stat lower than roll and improve by +1, else improve Luck by +1.
Splintered Shields: Sacrifice shield (any) or helm (head) to prevent a critical hit.

Gods and Boons for Clerics

Weapon Profic­ien­cies: Clerics is encouraged choose weapons and armor in line with the nature of the god. Sword for Artol etc.
Turning Unholy works per RAW, but list of unholy creature is same for all: Kur, giantkind, oozes, goblin­kind, giant poisonous bugs, serpen­tkind, head hunters, tyrants, pirates, torturers, slavers, shapes­hif­ters, troglo­dytes, giant toads, demons, and any other tainted chaotic horrors
Boons: Clerics and Paladins of the gods of Shadora gain a +2 boon on the spells and abilities that their god originally contri­buted.

God Boon Table

Additional Melee Weapons & Armor

• Lg Shield: +2 AC, -2 Chk, -5", F d10, 35 gp
• Trident:  As spear
• Maul: d10, 2H d16 for Init, 8 gp
• Fighting Claw d4, 1gp

Wizard and Elf Patrons

Alignment: Wizards pursue magical arts according to their natures. Chaotic wizards study black magic. Neutral & lawful wizards seek control over elements.
Bobugb­ubilz, lord of amphibians - Tsarog
Azi Dahaka, lord of wastelands - Orolorm 
Sezrekan the Elder, the wicked - JM
Witch King Halgaz Bekur - JM (Adbb)
Hecate, Queen Of Witches - JM (Adbb)
Ptah-U­ngu­rath, Opener Of Ways - JM (Adbb)
The Arm Of Vendel Re'yune - JM (Adbb)
The King of Elfland -  husband of Peral
The Three Fates - Ratrona’s Children
Yddgrrl, the World Root - Avatar of Peral
Obitu-Que, Lord of the Five - Kargob
Ithha, prince of elemental wind - Vorthod
Enzazza, Hive Queen - Simkim (Adbb)
Four Maidens - Daughters of Demelna (Adbb)
Hhaaashh, Lord of Reptiles - Nabyss (Adbb)
Lavarial, Temple Angel - Garathis (Adbb)
Logos, The Perfect Form (Adbb) - Teral
Radu, King Of Rabbits (Adbb) - Dagaral
Set-Utekh The Destroyer (Adbb) - Barnor
Umwansh, Wave Father (Adbb) - Kasharos
Yan Oshoth, The Ancestor (Adbb) - Dagaral

Additional Ranged Weapons

• Net: 0, 5/10/15, 8gp; REF18 | cut 5 dam
• Bola d3, 20/40/60, 5 sp; REF12 | cut 3 dam
• Wetbow: Agualan under water crossbow
• Hand Crossbow d4, 30/60/90, 10gp
• Perali Bow: d8, 100/20­0/300
• Grenade: 2d6@5” d6@10”, 20/40/60, 50gp
• Pistol: d8, 3r reload, 50/100­/150, 100gp
• Rifle: d10, 3r reload, 80/160­/240, 250gp
• Ammo: 1 gp/shot


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