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Docker OSX use Cheat Sheet by

Useful commands for our team on OS X

docker­-ma­chine (Work with Virtual Machine)

create --driver driverName newMac­hin­eName
Create docker machine
create --driver virtualbox --virt­ual­box­-memory 2048 memcrab
Create docker machine "­mem­cra­b" on virtualBox with 2048 mb RAM
start machin­eName
start virtualbox docker machine
stop machin­eName
stop docker machine
restart machin­eName
restart docker machine
rm machin­eName
remove docker machine. WARNING: will remove all contai­ners, images and cache
env machin­eName
show current IP and all info
eval "­$(d­ock­er-­machine env machin­eNa­me)­"
Link terminal TAB to use current Docker machine on "­doc­ker­" and "­doc­ker­-co­mpo­se" commands. Can be added to .bash_­profile

docker­-co­mpose (Use stack of Contai­ner­s/I­mages)

Build or rebuild all docker images from docker­-co­mpo­se.yml file
build nodejs
Build only one selected docker iage from docker­-co­mpo­se.yml file
Run containers from all docker images
up nodejs
Run containers from selected docker image
Stop all composed containers
stop nodejs
Stop selected composed container

docker (Use single Contai­ner­/Image)

run -it --rm imageName runCom­man­dName
Run new container from image and delete it after finish command
exec -it contai­nerName runCom­man­dName
Execute some command on already running container and exit
exec -it contai­nerName /bin/bash
Connect to already running container with terminal access
Show running containers
ps -a
Show all containers
stop contai­nerName
Stop container
start contai­nerName
Start stopped container
rm contai­nerName
Remove stopped container

Some quick hacks

docker rmi $(docker images -f "­dan­gli­ng=­tru­e" -q)
Remove all unusable builds­/images - free space on your hard drive
docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -qf dangli­ng=­true)
Remove all unusable shared volumes - free space on your hard drive

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