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SHHS Computing Introduction Cheat Sheet by

Tips to get you started on the Computer network @SHHS

Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Ctrl + A
Select All
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + C
Copy selection
Ctrl + D
Format Font (Word only)
Ctrl + E
Center justify
Ctrl + F
Ctrl + G
Go to (Word only)
Ctrl + H
Find & Replace
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + J
Justify paragraph
Ctrl + K
Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl + L
Left justify paragraph
Ctrl + M
Indent paragraph (Word)
Ctrl + N
New document
Ctrl + O
Open document
Ctrl + P
Print document
Ctrl + Q
Ctrl + R
Right justify paragraph
Ctrl + S
Ctrl + SHIFT + S
Save As
Ctrl + T
Indent paragraph (Word)
Ctrl + U
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + W
Close window
Ctrl + X
Cut selection
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + [
Reduce font size
Ctrl + ]
Increase font size
Adds a screenshot to clipboard
Ctrl + Home/End
Jumps to the start/endt of a document
Ctrl + Enter
Adds a page break
There are many, many more shortcuts that you can use so if you do something regularly then it's definitely worth finding out.
You might also find that if you are a Mac user at home the shortcuts are different.

Code of Conduct

You have all agreed to the SHHS Code of Conduct.
This does not just cover the things you might do in your lessons at school on a computer.

The Code also extends to include any behaviour that might harm or upset yourself, other members of the SHHS community or the reputation of the school itself.

You should not post any pictures of yourself or your friends which would make your school identity known.

The full wording is printed in your school diary/­pla­nner.


You all have your own unique username. You will need to remember it as you will not be able to log on to the school network without it.
The format for your username is SOU + first 4 characters of surname + initial + number
For example, if your name was Daisy Smith, your username would be sousmitd1. Your username is not case sensitive.

You should never log on using another student's username!
You should never tell anyone else your password

Your password needs to be at least 8 characters long and include at least 1 number and 1 capital letter. You can not reuse an old password.

Your school email address is initia­l.s­urn­ame­@SH­HS.G­DS­T.NET, for example, d.smit­h@S­HHS.GD­ST.NET

You can set up your Edmodo username to be whatever you like; it has to be something:
a) You can remember easily
b) You will not be totally embarr­assed by as you move on to year 8 and beyond!

You may also be given subject specific username and passwords for sites like 'My Maths' or 'Code Academy'.

Access to SHHS

N Drive
Personal files (2GB) You can use this area to save your personal school docume­nta­tion. You need to make sure that you do not save/d­ownload any file that breaches the school Code of Conduct.
P Drive
Pupil drive - Your 'Cohort Group' is the year you would leave year 13 (2021)
S Drive
Staff only!
Web based learning enviro­nment. Teachers post lesson resources. Also used for many clubs/­not­ices. Students should check daily.
SHHS portal
School's home page, access from home via­
SHHS email
Access via SHHS portal outside of school
When trying to access files, emails and portal from outside the school via the internet, it is recomm­ended that you use Internet Explorer.
If you have a tablet­/iP­ad/­Sma­rtp­hone, you can download the Edmodo app to make it easier to use.

Getting help

If you need specific help with how to do something on a computer then you can leave a message on the Edmodo group for your computing lesson.

If you have a technical issue with your school network you can email ictsup­por­t@s­­ or go to the Technician office behind the reception.


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