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Intellij IDEA + IdeaVim Keyboard Shortcuts by

Intellij IDEA shortcuts, excluding anything can be done with vim plugin


Navigate back
Navigate forward
Navigate to class
Navigate to symbol
Navigate to file
Navigate to action 🔥
Search everywhere (⇥ to move between window)
Recent files
Recent edited files
Go to declar­ation
Find usages
Go to implem­ent­ati­on(s)
Toggle bookmark
Go to numbered bookmark
Show bookmarks
Open corres­ponding tool window

Compile & Run

Open Run dialog
Make project


⌘- / ⌘+
Fold/e­xpand code block
⌘⇧- / ⌘⇧+
Fold/e­xpand all
⌥↑ / ⌥↓
Extend / Narrow selection
View parameter Inform­ation
Smart code completion
Show intention actions
Insert live template 🔥
Surround with live template
Generate menu 🔥
Optimize imports
⌘⌥↓/ ⌘⌥↑
Next/P­revious compil­ation error
⇧⌥↑ / ⇧⌥↓
Move line up/down
⇧⌘↑ / ⇧⌘↓
Move code block up/down
Comment block
Reformat code
Surround with (if,try, for, syncrh­ono­ized)
Override methods
Implement methods


Change Signaute
Extract Method
Extract Variable
Extract Field
Extract Constant
Extract Parameter
Safe Delete

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