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Ducky One Keyboard Cheat Sheet by

Backli­ghting modes

Fn + F10
Switch modes between :
- Full Backlight
- Breathing
- Raindrop
- Reactive
- Ripple
- Off
Fn +
Increa­se/­Dec­rease brightness
Fn +
Increa­se/­Dec­rease speed
Fn + F10
Hold 3s to turn off all lights

LED Zone Custom­ization Mode

Fn + F11
CM1 Cycle:
1. Turn on user custom zone.
2. Breathing of custom zone.
3. Turn off CM1.
Fn + F12
CM2 Cycle (Refere to CM1 Cycle)
Fn + PrtSc
Start record CM1
Fn + Pause
Start record CM2
Caps Lock +
Adjust current brightness
Caps Lock + Scroll Lock
End recording
Impo­rta­nt: Adjust bright­ness, then set keys to be set to that color.
Reco­rding Steps:
1. Start record CM1 or CM2.
2. Choose bright­ness, Caps Lock show the current bright­ness.
3. Hit an individual key to set it to the current bright­ness.
4. Repeat 2 and 3 to have diffrents bright­ness.
5. Finish recording

Reset Factory Default

EU ISO Layout
Left & Right Win keys
US ANSI Layout
Left & Right Win keys
JP JIS Layout
Fn + Left Win key
Hold for 3 seconds, the keyboard backli­ghting will flash 3 times to confirm.

DEMO mode

Hold Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Caps Lock then plug the keyboard into power source.

USB Repeat Accele­ration

Fn + F9
Function mode On/Off (Must hold for 3s)
Fn + F1-F4
Repeat Delay 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x (Adjust USB repeat Delay Time)
Fn + F5-F8
Repeat Rate 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x (Adjust USB Repeat Rate)
Can only be adjusted under Function mode. USB Repeat Accele­ration may work differ­ently in different applic­ations.

DIP Switch Functions

Switch Macro Profiles

Fn + 1-6
Switch to profile x
1 : Default Key function
2-6: Customize Macro Key Features

Macro Record Option

Fn + 1-6
0.02s, 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.4s, 0.8s, 1s
Fn + Ctrl
Macro Open / Shortcut keys recording (hold 3s)
Defautl Macro function is based on user's typing speed.

Macro implem­ent­ation option

Fn + Q
Start macro on key press
Fn + W
Start macro repeatidly on key press until press again to stop
Fn + R
Repeat macro while key pressed

Marco Diagram

Exemple: Press Fn + A to insert [Ducky] repeatidly until released
Steps: Fn + Ctrl for 3s Fn + A Insert Ducky Fn + E Fn + Ctrl

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