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From the Depths Keyboard Shortcuts by

Camera modes

Camera Mode
First Person Mode
Moving Camera
Fixed 3rd Person Camera

First Person & Normal Mode

Change Camera Mode
Enter Build Mode
Interact & Context Menu
AI Control Menu
Vehicle Inform­ation Menu
Toggle Resouces View
Strategoc Command View
Tactical Command View
Movement Mode Toggle
Fire Vehicle Weapon
Character Sheet or Inventory
Map Command View



Up (or Jump)
In Movement mode, Strafe Left and Right are the same, [A] and [R]

Common Beginner Mistakes

Aerody­namic Shapes
This is a really quick, semi-e­ffi­cient way of making your ship move faster. To build this, all we need to do is add slopes to the sides of your ship, whilst decreasing the interior of your ship by 2 blocks until you are down to 1. Basically, just make your ship look like an arrow.
Ignoring the Centre of Mass (CM)
Remember to review the center of mass while building. This can be found by pressing [P]and locating the ball of Arrows, this ball is the CM
Not Using Metal or Alloy
Cover the important parts of your ship in it, like the AI or ammo barrels.
Not Using Beams
Each beam has the same cost as 4 blocks of the type of beam (e.g. an alloy beam has the same cost as 4 light-­weight alloy blocks) however, each beam has the health of 6 blocks, and only takes up the space of 4 blocks. Also, constr­uct­ables spawn much quicker and the game runs smoother with less blocks
Large Missiles
For most purposes the largest missle you will need is a 4 block. It may not seem like a lot, but it truley is. If you're thinking, "­Well, this 4 block missle, you say, is good. So what should I put on it?" I would recommened a thruster, 2 fuel tanks, 2 fins, a one-turn, a warhead of any kind, and an infrar­ed-­seeker.
Using One Vehicle
Having one ship specia­lizing in one thing (e.g. a missle carrier or a battel­ship) generally does better than an all-ro­under because if you had to make one ship have both missiles and cannons, would you have more space for more missiles).
90% of the comments in this block are from Common Beginner Mistakes
By Colone­lPants on Steam. See: http:/­/st­eam­com­mun­­m/s­har­edf­ile­s/f­ile­det­ail­s/?­id=­525­020567

Build Mode

Toggle Mouse Building
View Inventory
Exit Build Mode
Select under Cursor
Left Click
Right Click
[Shift] + Place
Flood Fill
Shrink All
Place Symetric marker
Zoom in or out from marker
Mouse Wheel
Holding shift while your cursor is red (Meaning you have your selection square inside a block) and clicking will replace the block with whatever block you have selected, provided it can place.

Build Mode Block Rotation [TAB] Held


Away from you
Towards you
Rotate to Camera
Pressing [G] will switch the orient­ation of the selection square. For example, if you place a slope with the camera facing downwards, the slope will be oriented downwards. This is dependent on the camera direction.


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