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Systems Analysis & Modelling

Systems Analysis Activities

Gather detailed inform­ation
Interv­iews, questi­onn­aires, documents, observing business processes, resear­ching vendors, comments and sugges­tions
Define requir­ements
Modeling functional requir­ements and non-fu­nct­ional requir­ements
Prioritize requir­ements
Essential, important, vs. nice to have
Develop user interface dialogs
Flow of intera­ction between user and system
Evaluate requir­ements with users
User involv­ement, feedback, adapt to changes


Internal – persons within the organi­zation
External – persons outside the organi­zation
Operat­ional – persons who regularly interact with the system
Executive – persons who don’t directly interact, but use the inform­ation or have financial interest
Persons who have an interest in the successful implem­ent­ation of the system

Inform­ation Gathering Techniques

Interv­iewing users and other stakeh­olders
Distri­buting and collecting questi­onn­aires
Review inputs, outputs, and doc
Observe & document business processes
Research vendor solutions
Collectt active user comment / sugges­tions

What Are Requir­ements?

Functional Requir­ements
– the activities the system must perform. Business uses and functions system must carry out
Non-Fu­nct­ional Requir­ements
Other system charac­ter­istics. Constr­aints and perfor­mance goals.

FURPS+ Requir­ements Acronym

Reasons for Modeling

Learning from the modeling process
Reducing complexity by abstra­ction
Rememb­ering all the details
Commun­icating with other develo­pment team members
Commun­icating with a variety of users and stakeh­olders
Docume­nting what was done for future mainte­nan­ce/­enh­anc­ement

Stakeh­olders Example

Interv­iewing Users and Other Stakeh­olders

Prepare detailed questions
Meet with indivi­duals or groups of users
Obtain and discuss answers to the questions
Document the answers
Follow up as needed in future meetings or interviews

Some analysis and design models 1

Some analysis and design models 2

Some analysis and design models 3

Some analysis and design models 4



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