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Create a planning document in word
Identify objective
Choose outputs
Compile a list of tasks

Building a system improv­ement

1. Figure out who cares about this new thing or improv­ement
2. Find out what they want and write it down
3. Make a diagram / workflow / low res prototype of what they want
4. Walk through it with the people who care
5. Build a design brief
6. Open an issue and attach the deign brief
7. Assign issue to tech team member
8. Commun­icate to the team if approp­riate

Testing a system improv­ement

Test logged in as user
Test logged in as admin
Record problems
1. What were you doing? Exactly, step by step
2. What happened?
3. What did you expect to happen?
Record any changes to request to the system

Closing a system improv­ement

Ensure testing complete
Commun­icate to team / stakeh­olders
Complete task on any task lists
Close issue


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