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Approaches to System Development by

Tradit­ional Predictive SDLC

Newer Overla­pping Phases Predictive SDLC

Iterative Model


Support Activities

Main­taining the system: Fix proble­ms/­error, Make minor adjust­ments, Update for changes in operating systems or enviro­nments
Enha­ncing the system: Add desired functi­ona­lity, Add or change functi­onality to comply with regula­tions or legisl­ation
Supp­orting the users: Ongoing user training, Help desk



Two Approaches

To Software Constr­uction and Modeling:

1. The Structured Approach
Earlier approach. Assumes a system is a collection of processes that interact with data. Structured analysis, design, and progra­mming

2. The Object­-Or­iented Approach
More recent approach. Assumes a system is a collection of objects that interact to complete tasks. OO analysis, design, and progra­mming

The Object­-Or­iented Approach

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